Trump vs. Biden Debate: Why Don’t You Make Me Shut Up?

This is the sequel we all want to see! President Donald Trump and his first man Joe Biden! Such progressive love! You sure wish you could vote for them both, don’t you?

Shut up! Why don't you make me shut up?

21 thoughts on “Trump vs. Biden Debate: Why Don’t You Make Me Shut Up?”

  1. How sad to think one of these old geezers may run the country.

  2. Their country. Worry about yours, for once.

  3. The country will soon be owned by Russia. Vote Trump for Putin.

  4. Both are too old. The only difference was Drumpf’s bad character.

  5. But Trudeau is a good leader right.. haha You people are idiots. Fix your own countries. Americans are going to be just fine. As always. They are untouchable.

  6. It was decided between them that Biden won, because it was that little blue pill, not a red, both had to take for the two master debaters to continue their evening frivolity together…

  7. But.. where’s all the Biden supporters who live on here claiming he is so great? Hmmm 🤔

  8. Was that Joe Biden or Jimmy Carter?
    Between now and January 20th all advisories know the US is at it’s weakest. Russia pushes forward on Ukraine, China pushes on Taiwan and the terrorists we imported via the southern border can operate unimpeded. And the icing on the cake is generations will be paying the bill.

    He couldn’t walk off the stage without help. I hope the great doctor Jill denied him his bedtime pudding cup.

  9. F*45

  10. You idiot still can’t fathom that not all other users here are not Canadian. You are so paranoid. 😂

  11. And the record goes round and round and round and everyone thinks it’s different this time!

  12. Uhh romantic.

  13. Fun is – so many people really think, that politics make any difference.

  14. Yes, people in Germany of the 1930s were fools. They really thought voting far-right nazis would make a difference… oh, wait. Dang.

  15. The supreme court confirmed it. Trump is king of the United States soon. Welcome to the monarchies America.

  16. At this point all Trump needs to do is state “I’m rubber, you’re glue. Whatever you say about me, is true about you.”
    – Fascist
    – Racist
    – Corrupt
    – War mongering
    – Making personal profit from politics
    – Sexual assault
    – Liar
    – Incompetence
    – No one respects him
    – Using your connected friends to persecute your political advisories
    – Manipulating the media

    Biden is guilty of all and it’s provable. With Trump, “a friend of a friend heard that he said……”
    The true fascists are in control.

    “Fun” Stuff
    The Dems have at least a 30 year history of former security and other close staff mysteriously dying in unwitnessed single vehicle fatalities and poorly explained suicides such as a shotgun blast to the back of the head while hanging themselves. Oh, and you don’t want to be a witness, accuser or whistleblower. They will end your life literally or figuratively.

  17. I don’t know what you have been using, but it certainly dissolved your brain.

  18. Trumps next campaign slogan: Making brains small again.

  19. Trump supporters are what Robert Downey Jr was trying to warn us about in Tropic Thunder……”never go full retard” they did it…..they went full retard!

  20. Really.. did they try to push an obviously frail senile old man into the most powerful position on earth? Did they lie and hide his condition from the public? No. That was the Left. Ruth Bater Biden’s refusal to step down is going to take down his entire party, not that he knows or cares. He doesn’t know what day it is. Everyone knows that now. Yet here you are pushing for him. Talk about “going full retard”.

  21. What the right isn’t pushing a frail old orange guy onto the podium? Your not seriously that dumb are you?

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