Shut Up Man!

Shut up man!

11 thoughts on “Shut Up Man!”

  1. Gay

  2. Knock it off, you kids!
    Now kiss and make up.

  3. I stopped watching UFC after their queer stare downs.

  4. I kissed a ghoul and I liked it
    The smell of spray tan and ben-gay just heightened it.
    I kissed a ghoul just to try it
    I hope my running mate don’t mind it
    It felt so left. It felt so right.
    Don’t mean I’ll concede tonight
    I kissed a ghoul and I liked it…

  5. Okay Biden looks nothing like Putin

  6. This is the sequel I want to see! President trump and First Man Biden! Such progressive love!

  7. That’s kinda cute…

  8. WHAT???

    No mask….

  9. So how many people so far is the Trump Admin responsible for killing due to their lack of Covid leadership?

  10. I prefer the old school Brezhnev-Honecker kiss.

  11. SCOFF😕😕 but dude WTF !!!!

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