True Story

4 thoughts on “True Story”

  1. it’s always easy to go downhill

  2. Anyone who told you that is lying kiddies. Everyone knows that we had to drag ourselves though hell & back with our legs chopped off to go to school every day. And once we got there we were chained to our desks for 18 hours & whipped within an inch of our life. At lunch time each day we were fed gravel then shot dead by Daleks for a special treat. And every Christmas we would get a visit from Santa. We would all line up & one by one Santa would kick us in the arse & tell us we didn’t deserve shit. Ah good times. You kids have got it easy these days.

  3. The Python version is excellent of course, but it’s not the original. The sketch was first performed in “At last the 1948 show” before Monty Python was created. You might still recognise most of the performers though:

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