This Is What True Love Looks Like

I've got a pun for you. Another pun? Fine. What is it? It’s a joke where you play with words.

16 thoughts on “This Is What True Love Looks Like”

  1. How come Alice Cooper’s doppelganger, wife of Xiden, quadrupedaly “vaxed” has The Wu?

  2. The vaccines don’t stop you catching covid. They reduce the probability that you’ll catch it, reduce the probability that you’ll pass it on to someone else, and reduce the severity of the symptoms if you do catch it.

  3. Amazing, someone who knows the Oxford English Dictionary definition of immunity! It’s a shame that politicians don’t know what words mean!

  4. Life is not black&white, it’s more complicated. at least more complicated than the orange troll cares to explain.

    anonymous1, don’t try reason, they are beyond that.

  5. And stop calling me Shirley!

  6. 2020 definition or 2022 definition? Dont make me go to The Wat Back Machine.

  7. A dictionary is your source of medical knowledge?

  8. Wait.. are you saying that that all these politicians lied when they said you won’t get it if your vaccinated, or this was a pandemic of the unvaccinated? Haha. Just keep taking em. Best way to get rid of stupid people. Fifth jab coming!

  9. Politicians are usually lawyers. What do they know about vaccines?

  10. Politicans are your source of medical knowledge? The unvaccinated had and have a considerably higher chance of dying from covid. So yes, covid is a “way to get rid of stupid people.”

  11. Haha. Listen to the cucks defend the liars and the vax. With all the negative information out their now it just makes you sound dumb, or Canadian.

  12. No the best way to get rid of stupid people is to convince them to take horse medicine, or to drink bleach. They like to drink Urine too, but that wont kill you.

    I wish those science deniers would go back to the dark ages.

  13. The answer is who gives a shite.

  14. Yeah, who wants a crazy jab!

    Everybody knows the smart people just go out and tan their tessticles. It keeps you manly and fit.

  15. If someones sneezes take a deep breath on the aerosoles. It’s good for your immune system. Vaccines are for losers. Go, tiger!

  16. A pun is the lowest form of humour.
    Try improving your personal self by avoiding this trap.

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