How Trickle Down Economics Work?


Trickle down economics explained.


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  1. She forgot the part where the Dems then tax everyone and give it to those that don’t work.

    • oh, ok. Try to change the topic. Good strategy when you have no real argument.

      Taxes pay for a heck of a lot more than just food stamps and unemployment. Do you remember back before Reganomics when there was enough to pay off the national debt too?

    • Gianttumbprintonyourhead March 1, 2021

      Waaaa baby need a baa baa?? Dems this, Libtars that, it’s communism, You sound like fox news broken recording. Go storm the capital you idiot.

    • Adam Weishaupt March 8, 2021

      The total budget expenses for unemployment benefits in 2016-2019 amounted to about 40 bln USD. With roughly 157 million strong workforce and 48% share of income tax in the state revenue, it amounts to $11.60 per working person per month assuming that the burden is shared equally, which is not the case. Even in 2020 when the unemployment skyrocketed in April and the special measures were enacted due to COVID-19 pandemic, resulting total of 144 bln USD spent, the aforementioned amount would still amount to $36.70 per working person per month. And that’s not just unemployed benefits but also e.g. cost of training for a new job that ultimately boosts the economy. So, in normal circumstances one amounts to $11 per person to help their unfortunate neighbours. Yes, welfare fraud and chronically unemployed people exist but they are estimated to form 0.9-1.5% of all recipients. So if you’re concerned how much to you lose on those people, it is roughly $1.30 per month. Not a sum worth mentioning.

  2. You misspelled “communism.”

  3. The Dems plan has always been to tax and regulate the crap out of businesses and then watch all the jobs go to China and Middle East (oil). With senile Joe in, expect this to kick into high gear again. It’s already happening. Meanwhile libs wait around with their hands out wanting something for nothing. Check gas prices lately? Guess who that hurts???… Not the rich!!

    • Reps made the jobs go to China. Even your beloved leader Trump invested in China to destroy the American worker. Of course he lost a lot of money. Because he’s always been a loser.

    • Ida Is A Moron February 26, 2021

      What preposterous lies. Clearly facts mean nothing to warped extremists like you. And did you really just use the words “Dems” and “regulate” as a criticism. You’ve just won the Moron of the Year award. Here’s a news update Moron, “Republicans” in Texas previously “deregulated” electricity — for the entire state. And guess happened next: catastrophe. 2.5 million people lost power. And dozens died. It happened. It was in all the newspapers. It was a colossal disaster, just like every Republican idea.

    • We’ll just blame the Democrats. Those idiot voters will believe any lie.

    • OK, you have no defense for trickle down either, eh?

      BTW – All those jobs went to china during those “free trade, free market” years back when republicans still liked letting companies do what they want. Now they just listen to Trump – Tariffs! (taxes) for everyone! Give handouts to the farmers so they aren’t totally screwed…..

  4. If you think this meme is B.S. maybe you can explain why the rich got richer and the poor got poorer since Reganomics started.

    Have you noticed what happened to the national debt? Take a look at a chart. It started it’s big journey up in ’82. Republicans haven’t been fiscally responsible since then. That’s just a catchphrase they like to say a lot when a democrat is in charge.

    • Living off the American Joe. The dream of Republican parasites.

    • I just brought my family to their very expensive and warm holiday destination. That’s what every good father would do during a pandemic, a blizzard and a power failure my party is responsible for. I immediately returned after people told me how bad the situation was via Twitter.

  5. We all hate America! We all hate America! Is that ALL there is to this site. Yawn. Hate hurts the hater most.

    • Stop foaming. No, we hate ill-tempered stupid, bigot, racist, antidemocratic, fascist, neo-nazi Americans. Not America. Your reaction shows you are at least one of those groups. We all know most Americans are decent people. People like you however are just so loud and annoying that the corners od your mouths become sore.
      The decent people of America were hostages of Trump and his rabid dogs for the last 4 years.

  6. Critical mass Bob February 26, 2021

    The 1% on most of my investments has have provided a decent return and I get fee ice cream at the investors meeting in Omaha.

  7. Anyone w/ an IQ above room temperature knows that if it’s on a screen it’s a lie or it wants you to buy something. Go outside. Try to live in the real world not cyberspace. Oh and Justine Trudeau is the antichrist.

    • The Antichrist is orange, has fake hair and surrounds himself with ******. Every good Christian must see this.

    • I can’t tell the difference between Macron and Trudeau. It’s weird, like in a creepy Questor Tapes sort of way.

    • Obrian for Chairman of Inner Party February 27, 2021

      @Anon Orange
      He’s always provided well for his wives, mistresses and his various children. His wives run his businesses as do his children, like in a 1000 BC Davidian sort of way.

      I’m not sure who will run against the Harris regime in US 2024, him, one of his children, the gov of Florida, South Dakota, but rest assured, the Dominion will win. The US isn’t a constitutional republic anymore, my best approximation is it’s an Oligarchical Hegemony run by The Party(D). Which is cool, just wish we all could be honest about it.

    • Just to be clear, are we taking Celsius or Fahrenheit?

    • Hahaha, you bloody hypocrit, Obrian for Chairman of Inner Party. You will burn in hell.

  8. You nailed it

  9. Anonymous March 1, 2021

    All these comments and not even a single person defended trickle down economics. That should tell you something. They can’t defend it because it never worked. The rich got richer (duh), but the poor never did and the middle class has been disappearing.

    It’s been 40 years. We gave it a chance. Time to go back to where we were before. Tax the super rich like we used to. ( don’t mess with the bottom 95% ) Maybe we could use the money to pay off a little debt and do something crazy like have a good education system.

    • Anonymous March 1, 2021

      No one critized it because most people know it’s BS. Only neoliberal morons and Trump fans think this would work. Trump fans seem to fancy financial suicide.
      The rest of the world knows it is utter BS. The problem are the political powers and the lobbyists of the 1%. They are very powerful.
      But in the end all their money won’t save them from dangling on a rope from a lantern. Don’t underestimate the angry mob. It happened before. It will happen again. Neither weapons nor modern security software will prevent that.
      Populists like Trump are just a foul trick to keep the masses entertained and to gaslight them. It won’t work forever.

  10. Anonymous March 3, 2021

    Here’s the hole you guys have dug for yourselves. Anyone who criticizes Biden in anyway, is a Trump supporter. Even if they were not, (and I say were because he is GONE), Trump supporters. This is a old Leftist trick, you can’t criticize a man who obviously has dementia. A man who is provably not fit to Govern. You’ve created and are living in clown world. Luckily most of you are Canadians, and what Canadians think, feel, say or do is as meaningless as a dog fart. So enjoy.

    • Anonymous March 4, 2021

      Trump is not gone — he is still holding the republican party hostage. As long as his sheeple believe his lies, the republicans with a brain are too scared to speak the truth.

  11. Anonymous March 5, 2021

    Well keep up your derangement syndrome. Maybe if you keep talking about him he’ll win in 2024. If he does it’s on those who couldn’t get over it and kept his name out there every F ing day.

  12. Adam Weishaupt March 8, 2021

    The ‘trickle down economics’ (the term was originally used as a criticism of the idea) might work. On the assumption that the recipients will invest in the development of the businesses that will directly result in the increase of workplaces or reduction of prices allowing people to buy more products for the same wage (and thus potentially allowing wider range of producers to prosper). This made sense in 19th or early 20th century, where outsourcing production was prohibitively difficult and expensive and the speculation was limited. But today, when outsourcing is not only easy but also common and the speculative mechanisms cause the companies to cut every corner available to increase the share value regardless of actual revenues and thus made them reluctant to invest no matter how much money they make, the idea of ‘wealth trickling down’ makes less sense than ever. And there is also an additional problem inherent to governmental support of selected large economic entities, namely that of capital consolidation that might result in the formation oligo- and monopolies at the expense of the taxpayer.

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