I Want To Be Treated Like a Princess

Some women say that they want to be treated like princesses, but those women missed their history classes for sure. Or they have the craziest kink ever.

I want to be treated like a princess. So you want to be forcefully married to a complete stranger, possibly 40 years older than you to strengthen the alliance with France?

18 thoughts on “I Want To Be Treated Like a Princess”

  1. No.. I just don’t want to have to work. Traditional Wives Rule!

  2. Hopefully the old geezer kicks the bucket leaving me a ( cough cough )
    grieving but wealthy widow.

  3. People here seem to really dislike women. Incels perhaps.

  4. No, Republicans

  5. Shot in a russian basement like Anastazia?

  6. Yes, they dislike women because they made fun of gold diggers. Using that logic if you make fun of nazis you dislike Europeans!

  7. Feminists want you to be treated like a strong independent and powerful woman, otherwise you have no value.

  8. You are not good enough.

  9. Just be a MAN. Women want a man, not another women.

  10. So you want people to train you to be a high maintenance selfish bitch?

  11. Do your own work. Stop forcing those poor mice and birds to do it for you. And stop freeloading off the little people. People in glass shoes shouldn’t throw stones…

  12. Learn the difference between ‘woman’ and women’.

  13. I might have found the difference but I can’t be sure… Is it that one has an ‘a’ and the other has an ‘e’?

  14. I see that now, but the point is still valid. Man.. you knew what he meant. Why be an A hole.

  15. or an e hole

  16. So you want to be chased by paparazzi until you die in a fiery auto accident?

  17. So is an e hole the plural to a hole? Like women is the plural to woman?

  18. Heavy sigh.. Who raises people like this? Sad.

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