Traveling: Expectations vs. Reality

13 thoughts on “Traveling: Expectations vs. Reality”

  1. Tourists do not care about being in a crowd. I’ve seen them walk, talk, eat, shit, dress, undress, sleep and screw with a thousand people around.

  2. Nice to know you are leading a full life…..

  3. You were there, too?

  4. Where the heck do you go on vacation ?!

  5. @Italiano You just get drunk at home.

  6. Cats > Tourists

  7. where the heck are the aliens to harvest all the extra humans?

  8. Now I don’t feel guilty about goofing off, staying home, and reading eatliver.

  9. @ LandLord
    You are invited to the party, I will make you my girlfriend.

  10. maldives didnt seem that bad

  11. Thailand is the same, especially since the Chines discovered tourism. Just about every perceived tourist area is swarming with tour groups and their flag waving guides.

  12. Chinese. Sorry about the typo.

  13. I always wondered, when do they take pictures of these famous places, if they are always so crowded?

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