Trajectory Options

Choose between stealth mode, asserting dominance, establish presence, and question authority.

7 thoughts on “Trajectory Options”

  1. There should be another line that connects to the toilet seat – over confidence.

    All persons with pen!ses MUST SIT while urinating.

  3. I have always taken pride with my aim.

  4. We aim to please.
    Will you aim too please.

  5. What about people with giant clitorises?

  6. Joey needs a diaper change.

  7. This one place I worked was taken over by a big tech firm who shall remain nameless, and there was a culture of fear there. It was hardcore in your face management, and they were cheapskates too. They stopped all the coffee, and in one branch they were even dictating how many sheets of toilet paper you could use.

    People used to take it out on the bathroom, like one chap took in a cricket bat and you could hear the mirror being smashed up in the toilet next to you, and the chap would walk out whistling.

    There was another time when someone ripped the toilet seat off completely and tried to flush it down the toilet.

    I am epileptic, and this one toilet had a flickering fluorescent light. So i couldn’t have a seizure at work, so i used to turn the light off, go in, lock the door and aim in the pitch darkness as best i could and i was guided by the sound of the stream hitting water to aim, and it was pretty accurate.

    This one time i was busting after a long meeting, and i couldn’t hear the sound of me landing water, so i aimed in the dark from left to right, up and down. Nope. Couldn’t hit the water no matter where i aimed. After what felt like eternity, i finished up, pulled the flush, washed my hands. As I opened the door and the light came in glanced around and saw that the toilet cover was down and i’d urinated all over it. It’d also splattered over the floor, some of the walls and the cistern. There was nothing I could do, so I just walked away and denied everything.

    They should have just fixed the light.

    There was much questioning of authority in that job.

    Helen, if you’re reading this, I’m soo sorry.

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