Cats vs. Dogs


Cats vs. dogs.


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  1. On a day to day basis, which is a more valuable ability in a pet for most people?

    • The Unbreakable Truth September 17, 2019

      You just f…ing nailed it there. Game over, man. Game over.

    • Finding Leonard Nemo September 18, 2019

      My goldfish’s ability to identify communists by the way they smell. #BetterDeadThanRed

    • Your goldfish is red. You are pathetic.

    • what you call communists in the US are far rightards in the rest of the world. you are a christian iran.

  2. Cats already know to crap in a box. You don’t have to train them.

    • That’s true. It is the cat owners/lovers that crap all over the city. :)

  3. Professor Actually September 18, 2019

    Cats can detect any number of life-threatening problems in humans – often, seemingly *without* training. I used to have a friend one of whose cats could and would frantically swat his diabetic mother awake *every time* she was in danger of slipping into insulin shock…and this cat was found a stray! /truestory

  4. Cats can do more than crap in a box. They can kill wildlife just for fun but their most important use is to practice your golf swing on.

  5. Gardener George. September 18, 2019

    Cats will dig a hole in your garden next to your flowers or veggies, crap in the hole and cover the hole. This way they help fertilise your plants.

    Dogs will crap on the porch and just wait for your kids to step barefooted in the pile.

    • They’re trying to fertilize the kids! Helps ’em grow big and strong.

  6. Strange cat,,, the cats mouth

  7. After I saw this pathetic attempt to disrespect cats, it made me happy to see the comments. Everyone rally behind the cats and spit on the disgusting dogs.

    Furthermore, I doubt dogs can smell cancer. I guess they just like to scare their owners:

    “Woof woof. You got cancer lol. Now give me treats and remove my feces from all over the house, because I don’t crap in a litterbox. Also I puked in your shoes. Did I mention you got cancer?”

    It’s not even a contest. Cats > Dogs.

    – CatMan

    PS Beware of imposters.

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