28 thoughts on “Tragic World Map”

  1. Can someone define “western world”? Thanks!

  2. It’s on the other side of Eastern world.

  3. Alaska apparently not a part of the Western World

  4. Alaska is still there. Hawaii on the other hand?

  5. I don’t know of a single person who cares what goes on in Canada.

  6. Neither is Greece or New Zealand, and Iceland and Greenland seems to have sunk to the bottom of the Atlantic. Nothing tragic happens there anyway I guess.

  7. The so-called First World.

  8. Ah, you are from the USA.

  9. according to what I see on the net the common reaction for the Middle East is “Hooray!!!”

  10. It’s what anteater, Zelda, Good German and neurologist all want to turn into the Third World in the name of “equality.”

  11. Don’t lie, Kauf Buch. Don’t spread your fake facts. The goal is to make the whole world like the first world. A world where people like you are despised but tolerated.

  12. Kauf Buch, I don’t know what substance you are abusing, but it doesn’t do you any good. Your comments are nothing more than poppycock.

  13. Kaufy, I may have been wrong in my first estimation of your intelligence. I had originally thought (probably because, I assume, you are capable of typing – you may very well be using voice function to transcribe your splenetic screeds) that you could potentially elevate yourself to a more literate sort of ill-natured buffoon. However, if you are unaware of the fact that equality is of little regard in the third world then there is no hope for you.

  14. Certainly not your flicking idiot of a president. At least not if the mass murderer is an Islamophobic Trump fan.

  15. I think the whole point of nobody caring about Africa or N Korea went right over everyone’s head.

  16. Oroville Dam failure in California, Mea, Landlord please change the color

  17. India is only one offed, that’s an improvement, No?

  18. Extra points for “Wait a moment, where is that?”.

  19. Just reverse the order of the colors, and you have the freedom-hating snowflake version of the map. Right, libtards?

  20. You are right, Kauf Buch. To hell with freedom. You are the first to go to prison.
    Oh, you already are. Imprisoned in your own grotesque world of a small mind. Walls higher than any boundary known to man. Anything threatening your views is banned. You are the greatest in your fun house mirror.
    You are pathetic. And you will remain so to the end of all days. You can kill all of us but the universe will still laugh at you.

  21. if i walk into the toilet and find a pile of shit im not overly surprised, if i walk into my kitchen and find a turd on the table, then i get concerned

  22. So many libtards in this thread

  23. What’s Canada?

  24. That still doesn’t explain why Canada is red

  25. I want to see a map of the opposite: How Terrible Is It To The Non-Western World When A Tragedy Happens In…

  26. “I don’t even know what street Canada is on.” – Al Capone

  27. The English laugh off tragedies actually, we have been doing it for years.

  28. Come on. Most of the world don’t even hear about daily stabbings in Israel. We have had those car terrorist attacks for years, and no one had cared until it happened in Europe.

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