Lifehack: How To Get Out Of a Police Traffic Stop


This simple trick works every time 120%. You should try it yourself and report results in the comments.


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  1. Papers? No thanks. I don’t need any. I’ve already got a good pipe.

  2. Isn’t that cop supposed to be out harassing minorities for no reason? Or shooting some un-armed suspect? Maybe he’s off-duty.

  3. During Medical Marshal Law they ask for my vax papers and check to make sure I’m wearing my Marxist Hijab.

    • SillyKiwiMan March 20, 2021

      Oh, wow, you’re serious.

      You’re also to bloody stupid to know what “martial” means.

      Please don’t breed, although as long as your cousins can outrun you, I doubt that’ll be an issue…

    • So all doctors are marxists when they try not to spit into your operation wounds. Please never visit a hospital and just die at home. Preferably by Covid. That would at least add some irony to your moronic life.

    • They criticized this post because it’s the truth. Your not allowed to speak the truth here. Only Marxist Leftest madness allowed here.

    • Seriously? March 21, 2021

      There is no truth in anti-masker idiotism. Brush your teeth if you can’t stand to wear a mask over your mouth and nose.
      Noone enjoys this but it is a necessity.
      Not wearing a mask to protect others from your germs is anti-social behavior. It’s like driving your car through the pedestrian area at high speed. You might not hit someone. But then you might. Injuring them or even killing them.

  4. Post your scientific evidence of this. Their is none. Just theater 🎭. The US is open. Come on down. Spring break in Florida has been fantastic!

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