Totally Insane Face Swaps

11 thoughts on “Totally Insane Face Swaps”

  1. ‘S’okay, I didn’t want to sleep tonight anyway.

  2. Last pic, those eyes…

  3. someone is relly good at that! Freaky!

  4. ooops, really! LOL

  5. Look at those demonic eyes and tell me that chickens aren’t evil creatures. We should eat them all for dinner and fry their embryonic offspring for breakfast.

  6. oops, oops! LOL

  7. Wow! Cool yet somewhat scary.

  8. Well, that cured my constipation.

  9. Looks like russian people.

  10. Wow, that last dog looks scarryyyyy!!

  11. Oh, I know that’s just what I was thinking! I always seem to check in at sad and useless about 2:00am. “The last thing she looked at was THIS!”

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