Growing Your Own Tomatoes



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  1. gobsmacked scientist July 15, 2017

    But you forget the joy of collecting and composting your own fecies for fertilizing. Because the tomatos in store are full of GMO and shit, so it’s better to grow your own that is full of only shit.

    • Non taxable income July 16, 2017

      …and I bet you are a believer in AGW? Your life is over. Go report to a disintegration chamber.

    • Funnily enough the vast majority of relevant scientists believe in AGW. Quite a few very big oil companies actually believe in it, too, as well as some very big food companies. Who doesn’t believe in it is, for instance, one guy with funny hair who is into real estate and golf.
      Now, if you have, for instance, some sort of illness. Whom do you ask?
      a) a relevant scientist (like a doctor), or
      b) some random person on the street who has no effing clue about the matter in concern?

    • The one eyed man is king July 17, 2017
    • Thanks one eyed.
      Stopped reading here “according to two scientists who argued”. Yes, that was in the first sentence. No, what two out of thousands claim is not representative. At all. Furthermore, don’t get me started on gender studies and the like.
      There is a effing difference between two out of hundreds of thousands of scientist making an odd claim and the majority of all relevant scientists.

  2. I don’t grow tomatoes, but I would, if I had a garden. I wouldn’t do it to save money, though, but for the taste. What supermarkets sell usually doesn’t have any taste anymore. We call those tomatoes the fourth aggregate phase of water. Yet I can recall holidays in Italy in my childhood and the joy the taste of real tomatoes gave me. This goes for other stuff, too. Friends of mine are gardening and sometimes they have various kinds of lettuces or cucumbers and the like. The taste and consistence is light years ahead of supermarket stuff.

    • Kauf Buch July 15, 2017

      Where I *used* to live, same problem. Where I *now* live, there are little produce stores (aside from supermarkets everywhere) selling fruit and vegetables directly from nearby farms…and you really *can* taste the difference.

    • Glad that we found something we can agree on! Living in a city makes getting proper food a bit difficult.

    • Kauf Buch July 15, 2017

      HEIRLOOM seeds.
      THAT’S what you want to look for.
      POTTING SOIL: equal parts 1) compost, 2) vermiculite, 3) peat moss
      Lool up the book “Square Foot Gardening.”

    • That’s very kind of you, indeed, Kauf Buch, but my flat is so small and crowded that there ain’t no spare square foot. I’ll keep your advice in mind, though, as I might move to a bigger place one day.

    • Kauf Buch July 16, 2017

      If you’ve got WINDOW SILL SPACE, you’ve got enough space to grow tomatoes. You can get the seedlings started in a small pot…a full-sized plant needs only a 1-gallon plastic pot (max). Depends alot on your local climate and sun orientation of the window.

    • No, Kauf Buch, unfortunately I don’t have window sill space either. That would have been the first place to think off. Orientation of the windows is south, which I think is not ideal for tomatoes. I might consider the window sills once one of their current inhabitants die.

  3. Kauf Buch….are you ill? You are being nice..

    • He was decieving you while I was on vacation.

    • Drinks beer on porch July 16, 2017

      That’s because the wacko leftest Marxist Comi environmentalists and ELE TEOTWAWKI libertarian survivalists mostly agree on this stuff.

    • Kauf Buch July 16, 2017

      You wanna talk growing vegetables or politics idjit?!? :P

  4. American In Vienna July 15, 2017

    Some dude has stolen Kauf’s nick and made him look like a nice guy. WHERE THE HELL IS THIS WORLD GOING TO?

  5. I grow herbs, like thyme, coriander and basil. Every time I use some, I save >1eur instead of buying a small bunch from the store.

  6. Fenwick Babbit January 13, 2022

    I grow tomatoes and other veggies because I like the taste and the freshness, not to save money.

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