Growing Your Own Tomatoes


I love growing my own tomatoes. I love to devote 3 months of my life to saving $2.17


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  1. Home grown sun ripened tomatoes have a far better aroma and taste than the supermarket tomatoes that have been forced to grow quickly.
    Also commercially grown tomatoes are likely to have been exposed to assorted pesticides.
    I have four tomato plants and I don’t use pesticides. I estimate that the total crop this year will be about 25kg of fruit. which will end up in salads, roasted in the oven or made into pasta sauce.
    In the UK basic tomatoes are about £1.75 a kg so 25kg would cost about £43.75.
    The higher quality tomatoes, which would closer to the home grown variety, cost about £5 a kg, so 25kg would cost about £125.00

    • living in a hole August 19, 2022


    • Think (and calc) bigger, the NASA spends $10,000 to send a pound of tomatoes to International Space Station. This means your 25 kg of produce is worth about half a million dollars. You’re rich.

    • green thumb, brown knee August 23, 2022

      …and you can bury a lot of problems by digging in the dirt.

  2. costs of hown grown anything are enormous

  3. Billy Reubin August 19, 2022

    It’s the journey, as they say. You grow things because you like to. You’re probably not going to save much unless you’ve got a fairly big piece of land to grow on.

    • Canners Can August 19, 2022

      You can grow an alarmingly large amount of vegetables in a small amount of space. I have two 4’x4′ beds and have canned 9 jars of tomatoes, sun roasted about 2 pounds of cherry tomatoes, and pickled 3 small jars of peppers in the past two weeks as well as eating gobs of them at every meal. There are pots with lettuce in sunny windows, herbs everywhere. I’ve saved a considerable amount of money for the small investment of a few plants and a daily once over.

  4. Ex Republicans August 19, 2022

    What is happening to the millions of dollars donated to Trump since
    the FBI raid?
    He should have no problem maintains his Billionaire status thanks to
    foolish people using their grocery money to support this moron.

  5. He lied about the Aga Khan.
    He lied about SNC-Lavalin.
    He lied about WE Charity.
    He lied about the truckers.
    He lied about inflation.
    He lied about sunny ways.
    He lied about senate reform.
    He lied about electoral reform.
    Now Trudeau wants to take away your free speech to “fight disinformation”.
    But by all means let talk about the X leader of another country and just ignore what’s happening in our own. Will the real Canadians please stand up!

    • I thought you don’t live in Canada anymore. Did you lie about that, too?

    • Cry harder leaf. Nobody is interested in your unsolicited bullsh*t.

  6. Funny, those are not the leaves of a tomato plant? That said if you run out of food…

    • I am Canadian but am hiding in the US. All of those statements are true. ALL OF THEM. Trudeau is turning Canada into a dictatorship and my weak, cowardly countrymen do nothing. I never would have believed this. Your children will HATE you for allowing this.

    • You seem obsessed with Trudeau. Why don’t you make a citizen’s arrest instead of brigading the comments sections with your tears. F*ckwad.

    • Absolute f\/cking garbage. Completely untrue. Canada is doing fine because we kept the right wing out. Canadians Schuyler have a bit of sense. But, as for you, keep hiding in the US. Stay there forever if at all possible.

    • Pretty sure his countrymen threw him over the border.

    • I’d put money on that dingleberry being from Alberta, that sad, sad pit full of knuckle-draggers and banjo-pickers. Praise jeebus and thank him for our stupidity!

    • I’m definitely using that “then just make a citizen’s arrest!” line from now on. That’s a perfect response when listening to a nut-case going on about ‘dictatorship’ and ‘tyrant’. It’s a perfect response.

    • We went through this before — he is not a Canadian at all.

    • Maybe he wants to be. Deep down. We should respect that. He’s so respectfull himself. … Oh, sorry. He’s so full of himself. Now it’s right. :-)

  7. Lets attack people for telling the truth. Maybe then the facts will change and we won’t look like idiots for supporting him. Nope. Your idiots.

    • Carl the Kerl August 21, 2022

      Telling the ‘truth’. Come on now, and let’s (notice the spelling?) not mistake blind lemming-cult-over-the-cliff-and-take-everyone-with-us ‘truth’, otherwise known as self-serving/deluding lies. You’re (notice the spelling?) a barely-getting-by fool who is in these dire straits because you consistently and insanely support people and their policies that so obviously serve to make your (notice the spelling?) life and the lives and futures of your own family members significantly and irrevocably worse. This is normally known as an imbecile.

    • Hope he has an appetite for grass and bark ’cause when he gets his retirement due he’ll need to get a taste for both, but god bless the men he voted for for making the hard decisions that need to be made.

    • He couldn’t notice the truth even if it would hit him in his face with 100 miles per hour. Just a tool.

  8. So.. which thing on the list did Trudeau NOT lie about? Be specific now. Keeping in mind that he has 3 ethics convictions. Or are you Marxist going to lie about that as well?

    • Lol stop drinking Romana’s kool aid and get deprogrammed you gullible ****wad.

    • Ha ha! F’ing right! Romana’s little hand-maidens are the bestest and smartestest peoples, just like these idiots posting about Trudeau. I’ll bet he’s from Alberta. Maybe that embarrassing sh#t for brains should stop wasting his time posting his stupidity for all to see and try arresting some RCMP officers like Romana commanded. Didn’t work out like they’d hoped, but did I ever laugh! I’m still laughing.

    • No, it’s all true. The whole list and more. We know he lied over and over and that he’s turning Canada into a socialist prison where people are no longer free to leave the country but we don’t care because we’re dumber then a bag of hammers. Got it.

    • Bull and total lies by. You can leave the country, you know? It’s not a prison. I left a month ago and I just used the airport, which I drive to I’m my own car, after leaving my own house. There were no checkpoints, guards, prison doors, guards. Where were they? I thought this was a socialist prison ! I’m doing pretty well considering I live in a speed hell-hike. So here’s some advice, Sh*t-for-Brains, stop seeking out garbage-talk from morons in the internet, go to school (this still counts in Canada) and get a decent job. All this is possible and easy here, in Canada, and your life will improve immensely, and maybe you won’t be so bitter and angry with the world, and you’ll stop seeing phantasms and nonsensical machinations, all these ridiculous beliefs that have made you so unhealthy. That’s something to hope for, isn’t it?

    • Sorry for the typos.

    • Ha ha, yeah, I am sorry about the typos. I’m better with a real keyboard and screen than this tiny phone’s layout. Still, the message is correct, even if the spelling isn’t.

    • Nobody has talked about this but Canada is not nearly as divided or polarised as the us. The people that hold these fantasies are just a small minority here. They’re very loud though. But the majority of Canadians consider these movements stupid, and get on with their lives. In the us it is a serious problem and a lot of people there are just lost.

    • Those idiots are loud everywhere. Antivaxxers, incels, nazis, religious nutters, it’s all the same bunch. And it’s always the same people on the photos. They just change the signs they are holding. Most important thing is to be against “it”.

  9. If your unvaccinated you CANNOT LEAVE THE COUNTRY. I know, we’ve gotten several people out of that Bolshevik hell hole. The outside world sees all the videos of whats going on in Canada. You can pretend and lie all you want. The news in the US talks about Trudeau and what he’s almost daily. Like offering to euthanize veterans with PTSD. Are you going to say that didn’t happen now too? None can believe a word you people say because we KNOW you lie. We see it. We have people we know held hostage in that shi& hole country.

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    • The miral is: Incel’s gonna incel. Nice to see I’m not the only one with spelling issues:)

    • Nice fiction. Write a script and send it to holywood. Maybe some C-movie producer will be interested in it.

    • There are restrictions when you enter Canada, not when leaving.

  10. No one believes your lies anymore comrade. We see Canada for what it has become under Castros Son. It matters not what you say anymore. Your socialist bots. Everyone knows it.

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    • Bots are smarter than that guy.

  11. Beep. Boop

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