18 thoughts on “Tolerant Liberal”

  1. Liberals are friendly people… as long as you agree with them.

  2. your right. we don’t like ********

  3. Thanks for that, this will be my new fly swatter on facebook:)

  4. Awwwwww… Poor Racist. You want to exhibit irrational and racist behavior, but don’t want to be labeled as a racist. Come on guys… Be proud of what you are!

  5. Surprising to see this post since this site seem to lean left.

  6. Grammar?

  7. Nope. That’s just intolerant strawman.

  8. You have to see the self-reflecting irony in this right-winged cartoon.

  9. So, what’s the difference to non-liberals? Explain to us outlanders. Trump even calls security if someone doesn’t agree with him.

  10. They go to church every sunday. How can they be bad people?

  11. The impulse which only sees efforts to ensure human beings get treated with dignity and respect as a joke to be ridiculed is the same one that allows human beings to be shoveled into ovens by the millions.

  12. I didn’t know Germany’s national socialist party was driven by same impulses as satire artists. Should we imprison or execute the persons who distribute satiric propaganda to proactively prevent new holocausts?

  13. Nazi Germany had many right-winges supporters in the US. We all know that. Even sponsors.

  14. I am the new social justice warrior hired by Git Hub to make sure all source code is free of bias. We have noted a violation in this cartoon post, and while not in source code, it has yet violated our safe space policy. We have revoked all Git Hub code accounts for EatLiver and forwarded your names to Twitter and Facebook for retroactive justice.
    The Git Hub Team.

  15. @ EUro
    U such a troll. There is no difference with liberals – they march lock-step, just like the Germans did down the Champs-Elysees.

  16. EUro, what crap. Eugenics was a left-wing movement in the US that Hitler loved. We got rid of the Nazis and Hitler, but we still have Planned Parenthood, founded by Maggie Sanger, the eugenicist.
    It’s just another symptom of the left blaming it’s ‘dark side’ on the Right. In the US Jim Crow laws and the KKK were ‘Left wing’ Democrat inventions…

  17. Oh, for the good old days when only ultra-geek computer nerds were on the internets (using DOS) and they hated everyone else equally…

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