It’s Time, Dad!

Let's show ourselves to humans!

18 thoughts on “It’s Time, Dad!”

  1. * Slightly under 2000 years if he was born year 0

  2. Even if your arithmetic was right, there was no year 0.

  3. Oh, right.. Well, the point stands.

  4. Yep. This is maybe the biggest reason I’m agnostic.

    There is no real evidence that god exists.

    If it was sooooo important for us to know and worship god, he’d give us a sign of which religion is true. He hasn’t, so it must not be, or he’s just not there.

  5. If we can’t get the answer right to this mystery that has no evidence, then we get to burn in hell for all of eternity. (but don’t worry, he loves us! ?)

    Doesn’t he teach forgiveness? This doesn’t add up.

  6. And if he doesn’t care why worship him.
    If the wants worship and gives nothing back in return he’s an a-hole and doesn’t deserve worshipping.
    In any way – forget worship. Read a better book.

  7. So you only make fun of certain religions.

  8. Islam is the rambling of pre-science desert dwellers.

  9. Need some Mohamed memes?

    At least Christians can take a joke.

  10. Islam is as f*ckd up as Christianity. Just one chapter behind.

  11. It’s not nice to make fun of primitive cultures.

  12. Then why do countries tolerate them? Hmmm…

  13. Why does anyone tolerate you?

  14. They have to. I’m a FREE man. Not having free speech yourself you wouldn’t understand.

  15. If you American you are not free. You are just lied to.

  16. No. Your confusing your life with mine.

  17. You are owned by America’s 1%, slave.

  18. We are ALL owned by America’s 1%.

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