“To Kill a Mockingbird” Summary In One Picture

No need to waste countless hours to read “To Kill a Mockingbird”. This picture perfectly explains everything you need to know about this book. Reading is for stupid people anyways.

No need to waste countless hours to read "To Kill a Mockingbird". This picture perfectly explains everything you need to know about this book. Reading is for stupid people anyways.

22 thoughts on ““To Kill a Mockingbird” Summary In One Picture”

  1. The book title is a lie. Atticus “One Shot” Finch never once shoots, let a lone kill, a mockingbird. He had no problem shooting and killing “mad dog” Tim Johnson.

  2. Bob, don’t ruin this for the hoard of not smarts that frequent this site.

  3. No wonder the GOP crowd wants to ban and burn books. Knowledge from books can make republican voters to democratic voters. And, in the name of God, the GOP elite wouldn’t want that.

  4. By banning books you mean age restricting sexually explicit books?
    You mean kids will be dumb if they don’t read books explaining how to do butt-sex?
    That’s why China and India are ahead of USA and Europe in STEM.

  5. You got any examples anon? I’m pretty sure The Canterbury Tales and Catch 22 don’t feature “butt sex” but what do I know? I get my information from books instead of Fox or Newsmax.

  6. STEM is related to money. Those countries invest in their education systems. Conservative forces in the USA do not want that. Because education will lead to indepentent, progressive thinking people. No one would vote them anymore. They would lose power and money.
    So, your argument is pretty much invalid. While in the USA knowledge is suspicious and frowned upon other countries see knowledge as an opportunity for wealth and benefits for the society.
    Other countries let children learn from books. That’s why they become healthy grown-ups. The USA on the other hand produce one psychotic after the other. Puritan perversion of morality, distorted s*xual identity and the daily mass shooting.
    But what to except with an elite that got an ancestry of criminals and religious lunatics? You are all slaves. Your news are entertainment. Your justice system is entertainment. Politics is a show. You are all lulled into an obedient phlegmatism.

  7. Mind-blowing

  8. Books like “Gender queer, a memoir” should not be at schools libraries. The dude parroting “GOP is banning books” because he read the MSM saying so, while claiming he has independent thinking is quite bizarre 😂
    The first amendment does not allow any book to be banned in the USA. 0 books have ever been banned in the USA since the country was founded. Anyone claiming books ate being banned is lying, and if you parrot that you’re as dumb as who said it first.
    Age restricting books is pretty normal and has been happening in all states. But somehow the left thinks books teaching about butt-sex is ok to be on school libraries, most parents don’t think the same.
    But regardless, the books aren’t banned and adults can buy, borrow, read any time they want, and even give to their children if they want so.

    Not I gotta laught a bit more of the independent thinking guy parroting MSM 😂😂😂

  9. “Those that fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”
    And the USA are on the express lane to the past right now.

  10. ONE parent complained about the kids watching a movie about Ruby Bridges and it gets banned. ( That’s the first black kid to attend a desegregated school. ) The same thing keeps happening with books. One complaint and it’s banned.

    Florida re-wrote the history books to include the story of Rosa Parks… BUT they took out the part about her being black. So now it’s a meaningless story.

    Cancel culture at it’s worst. It seems that some people want to repeat history. When you hear it’s all “about butt sex” or fighting woke-ism, those are just lies to get you to go along with it.

  11. So it’s no longer banning books, but which books to be used in the classroom. Got it.
    The propaganda changes quick.
    Considering you were parroting the “banned books” propaganda (even thought it would be against the 1st amendment), you don’t have the credibility to claim things without source 😂
    Parents don’t want CRT BS, and I’m pretty sure they complained about CRT material, not rosa parks being black. Who claims books are being banned in the only country in the world where it’s not legal to ban books will need to show sources to claim anything.

  12. Florida law might probably one of his sources.
    Banning books but calling it something else because banning books is forbidden is still banning books. Typical fascist methods. Euphemisms.
    It’s ironic as the republican fascist call others fascists and blame them of cancel culture yet they are doing it themselves. Perveting law into totalitarianism.
    The real irony is that people obviously are to stupid to see the paradoxon right before their noses. But understandable. The American society is conditioned to egocentric. Me, me, me. There is no thought for fellow neighbors and countrymen. Everyone gains for his own benefits. Nation is a hollow term. Patriotism pretends to unite the people but is just a soulless ritual. Ech American citizen against the other is the maxim.
    The Republican party is already establishing a stalinistic network of narks to denounce people. Soon they will propagate a Ministry of Truth – their truth. Then the camps will be erected.

  13. So all the books not in a school classroom are “banned” in your vocabulary? This list is huge 😀
    Show me a single book that can’t be sold, borrowed, read, discussed, or even acknowledged possession in Florida. A single one 😀 Because that’s what means to “ban” a book. The same books you claim are “banned” in Florida, are this very moment being sold in every major bookstore there.

  14. Nice try. Transparent though, but nice. A little pathetic maybe. Actually lame.
    A ban is a ban. No matter where it happens. The U.S. has a high poverty rate. So, for many children the school library is the only source for literature. Banning these books will keep more children uneducated and narrow minded. But that’s exactly what conservatives want.
    They don’t care for society and their country’s wealth. Only for power and their own wealth. It always has been this way. That’s why revolutions started and we have democracies today. Conservatives do not try to conserve. They try to turn back the clock. Progress ist their true enemy. And education feeds progress. But they will have to be carefull not ending up hanging from the next lightpost. Societies do not react well on opression these days.

  15. Americans this Americans that. You live in Trudeau’s Canada. Your opinions mean nothing out here in the free world. You’re embarrassing yourselves.

  16. If we only could take your posts seriously. But as an American your brain might already be damaged by poison in the food and water. Too bad you can’t take sick days.

  17. To the kool-aid drinking anon with the inane emoticons. Your straw man arguments are risible, but since we’re on the subject … book bans in school AND public libraries is still a “book ban”, and you’re a brain washed fool if you think it’s about “butt sex”, or maybe a paid shill brigading a humorous image board? Fascist regimes throughout history have always sought to control what people think. The Third Reich, the USSR, Florida, etc.

    If you tolerate this then your children will be next. Or maybe not you anon.

  18. I get 6 weeks of paid vacation a year and 10 paid sick days a year. Propaganda fail. Everyone in the US doesn’t work at McDonald or Walmart. You’re brain washed. But hey, you’re Canadian. You would have to be to stay in that dystopian dictatorship. Socks forever right syrup brain.

  19. I’m not Canadian. Not everyone on this page is Canadian. There are more countries over the big water. But we know you suck at geography.
    And then he said: “10 paid sick days a year”… wow 😂🤣I’m gonna need fresh pants…

  20. Dirty Sock’s. He’s what’s best for Maple Heads everywhere!

  21. We know what you use socks for…

  22. Trudeau uses under age girls like dirty socks. Thus the name.

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