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  1. PoultryInMotion January 10, 2018

    There seems to be a lot of iceberg in melted form around that wreckage

  2. Kinda like that pentagon plane that turned to air

  3. Which one is the titanic?

  4. E.A. Presley January 10, 2018

    Who took the picture? It was just faked in studio!

  5. The CIA has the iceberg, just like Bldg. 9 you sheep!

  6. E.A. Presley January 10, 2018

    Bldg. 9? Weren’t THEY interrogating the iceberg in Hangar 18?!

  7. Just Sayin' January 11, 2018

    The parts of the iceberg they found were buried in a secret landfill on Staten Island.

  8. The iceberg is where all the water disappeared to, after Noah’s alleged “flood”.

  9. The feds are tuning into your brainwaves. The CIA killed Kennedy. The Sandy Hook shooting was set up by anti-gun nutcases. FEMA is building hundreds of concentration camps in the US.
    The CIA created and spread HIV and ebola. RFID chips are being secretly implanted into humans to track their movements. HAARP is controlling the weather. The moon landings were filmed in a studio. AHQ for the NWO is under Denver International. And Elvis is alive and living in Antarctica.

  10. Ice floats… unlike the titantic.

  11. Because icebergs don’t melt steel ships

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