Poor Guy Gets Destroyed on Tinder With His Own Pun

9 thoughts on “Poor Guy Gets Destroyed on Tinder With His Own Pun”

  1. Kel is one cold woman…

  2. Happy STD’s everybody!

  3. Landlord’s day job must have a dead line.

  4. What is Tinder?

  5. I still don’t get it. How do they know the guy is poor?

  6. Leo, women don’t like you because you’re an ill-natured douche, not because you’re poor.

  7. When a libtard offends me, I get happy. I’d be concerned otherwise.

  8. That response makes absolutely no sense, but as you have proven time and time again to be of subnormal intellect and the possessor of sub-par communication skills, I am not remotely surprised.

  9. I find your words shallow and pedantic.
    Now play Peter Griffin.

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