Know Your Parasites!

Brown dog tick, deer tick, lone star tick, and luna tick - all these are very annoying parasites, but luna tick is the worst of them all.

27 thoughts on “Know Your Parasites!”

  1. you forgot the picture of biden there

  2. Biden should be in Putin’s place.

  3. Biden is working as president.
    Trump was playing golf and cashed for secret cervice toilets instead of working as president.
    Find your error.

  4. Look how bloat Putin is. The meds. The cancer is eating him from inside. Good. He’ll be dead soon. Just like Rasputin.

  5. I’m working as fast as I can…

  6. Putin is still more of a man then wimpy China Joe. Always will be.

  7. Of course your president is your hero, loyalty matters.

  8. Putin is actually a little ball of complexes and insecurities. Always was a little, weak child. Later in life aways overambitious and eager to overcompensate for his small stature. Got him in trouble a lot with superiors. No one wanted to work with him at the KGB because of that. He wasn’t a likeable comrade.
    It’s the same story for most maniac dictators. Hitler, Stalin, Mao. They all started as the weak child of mediocre intelligence everyone was bullying.

  9. Remember that time Putin humped a polar bear? Good going, manliest of men! Pooter loved it so much, he promoted her to Head of Civilian Massacre in Ukraine.

  10. Boss of all the Russias, Thug of Thugs at the Big Desk in the Corner Office of the Winter Palace? Sure, what ever greases your crank.

  11. Well they pushed him into war. But now Putins ruble is up 65%. He’s selling oil at 4X the price he was before, gold at a record price and Europe and North America are suffering with 40%+ inflation, record prices for gas and sending billions of their citizens tax dollars to support the most corrupt country in Europe. A country that is run by a petty, whiny little dictator. A country that has actual Nazis. He’s winning this in every important matrix no matter what your narrative readers tell you. Unlike Biden who is failing miserably at every turn. He’s in Saudi begging for oil, being told no when the US was completely oil self sufficient on the day he took office.

  12. The US was still importing oil when Trump left office, because of a lack in refining capacity.

  13. Perhaps, but they were independent. They were also, I believe one of the largest exporters of oil. The point is, Biden screwed the American people AGAIN. 25th Amendment time.

  14. No the US were not independent. They lacked the ability to turn their own crude oil into useable oil. The oil situation has changed little under Biden, just like it changed little under Trump. Biden is a pretty average president; the 25th amendment was added to dispose of idiots like Trump.

  15. Is the price still the same too. Haha. Go rub one out to your Biden pictures. Oooo Dirty Joe Oooo.

  16. No the price is not the same, despite current US production being almost identical to the pre-covid peak, because the POTUS does not set the price…

  17. Europe doesn’t have 40% inflation. Here in the UK it’s currently 9%, which, although high, is being mainly driven by energy prices and the knock on effect with virtually everything we buy. Those energy prices have mainly risen because of the Russian invasion of Ukraine.
    Ukraine is not a corrupt country. There may be a few Nazis but there are vast numbers of right wing extremists in the USA who would be classified as Nazis by most of the western world.
    How would you feel if instead of Ukraine Putin was invading Louisiana? There are a lot of racists there.
    There is no justification for Russia to invade another independent country. If he wins in Ukraine where’s next? The Baltic states? Poland? Alaska? He has to be defeated and pushed back to pre war borders.
    And finally, The USA was not self sufficient in oil. Last year the USA imported about 8.47 million barrels per day.

  18. Ah, the myth. Putin was pushed into the war. By what? NATO not attacking Russia? Idiots. Someone push him down the stairs.

  19. Even many American democrats would count as nazis in many countries. American nationalism reminds many of what happened in the 30’s in Europe. The mindset that your country is the best and above others is dangerous. For others and one’s own country. Especialy when it shows a lot of deficits in comparisson with other countries. Infrastructure, social security, healthcare, personal freedom. Why do others have such pretty things? Then envy can kick in, swinging to anger and hate.

  20. Bla Bla Bla.. We hate America…. Bla Bla Bla…

  21. Meaning I’ve just lost the arguement

  22. Not more bloody politics on eatliver, i come here to get away from that crap.

  23. Trumper or Putin Puppet, oops, both the same.

  24. Conservative won’t let you. They want to control your life and your thoughts. Look at China and you know what’s coming under the GOP for America.

  25. Most of you in this forum ARE parasites. You latch on to the strongest
    suggestion then suck it to death.

  26. I think of them more like worms. Conservatives have no spine.

  27. Yeah, screw those conservatives, let’s vote for Biden and all the great ideas from Left like.. well there’s.. remember that time we.. damit you know the thing!

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