Some Cake Decorators Don’t Understand Instructions…

13 thoughts on “Some Cake Decorators Don’t Understand Instructions…”

  1. They seem legit.

  2. Actually I had such a case too. I wanted the the zodiak sign of Krebs on a cake for my fiancee. The cake ended up with “Krebs” written on it. That’s german and also means “cancer”…
    She married me anyway.

  3. Now ain’t that sumthing? That baker is jest down the road from us. Makes good cakes, but only finished 3rd grade. Of course some of the folks ordering the cakes didn’t know the difference either. Small world, huh?

  4. “jest”? Yeah, I can see why people in your area might not know the difference.

  5. Alright, that is a good laugh!

  6. Love yah Bubba! My son, Joe Bob says “yeehah”! to you both.

  7. It seems as if the are not bakers but some sort of robots using obsolete programs. They cannot understand the meaning and write what they hear as is. There are even words that dont make any sense in their current form, they are just misheard. And the one with “NOTHING” written on it, the robot asked for the message and started its recorder and “nothing” was the answer it got, and without human-like reasoning capabilities, it wrote what he heard.
    Believe me. They are all around us!

  8. Hahaha. A cat hat!

  9. This comment is so stupid, might be a bot !

  10. Thank God for women with low standards

  11. Yipa i am a bot from the 22nd century came back but stuck inside a stupid whom i try to teach logic.

    but end up glitching up

  12. Literalist make it so hard not to laugh at them.

  13. They look like the product of bosses who say, “Next time don’t think! Just write exactly what it says!!!”

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