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  1. The government paid for my tertiary education. I only have to pay back half of it, at cost, through a small garnish included in my income tax, if I earn over a certain threshold. Paying this back is the last worry on my mind. The US needs to catch up to LAST century in this regard.
    Benefits of education on an individual- better job opportunities, better critical thinking (aka less likely to be scammed), increased health, higher average wage, easier to have your say (politically, socially)
    Benefits of education on a society- reduced healthcare costs, reduced law enforcement costs due to lower crime rates, higher tax incomes from more better paying jobs, higher productivity, higher ingenuity, research and development, more innovation, higher prosperity as a whole
    Considering the benefits of having more better educated people in the long term, a good, easily accessible education is the single most powerful way to make a society stronger. Something which all but one developed country realises.

  2. The Libertine January 15, 2016

    Actually what the US should do is charge for primary and secondary education, then make university education free. Property owners are taxed to cover public education, including those without children — too many breeders don’t own property, don’t pay tax, and use school as glorified daycare for their crotch droppings.

    • The breeders who don’t own a property, rent one. If the owner doesn’t consider the property tax when asking the rent value, then it’s not renter’s fault.

  3. Bubba and Joe Bob January 15, 2016

    Now, we ain’t pickin a fight with LogiC, but Joe Bob points out that LogiC’s better education seems to lack critical thinkin. How you ask? Well, if’n he’s got all them smarts and better jobs and all that, why’s he spending so much time on a site like this. Critical thinkers wouldn’t be trying to convince the rest of us that his/their system is superior. Mind you, we glad he gots a opinion, but it ain’t critical, no sir!

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