This Calls For a Celebration!

I'm out celebrating. I paid off my student loans yesterday!

13 thoughts on “This Calls For a Celebration!”

  1. American problem.

  2. A British problem as well.

  3. I paid off my mortgage this month. I am 52 years old and own a house with plots of 350,000 euros.

  4. *For those under 30.

    I’m GenX. We got of relatively easy compared to today.

  5. Joe, you aren’t supposed to mix alcohol with your alzheimers meds…

  6. Donald even put bleach into the mix. So, what’s the harm?

  7. Haaaaaaqau

  8. At least he’s a winner instead of a sore loser who can’t face the facts. So sad.

  9. I got douple degree for FREE and went to the entrepeneur school for FREE. Didn’t have to pay anything else but few books. No i have my own company. American education system is a big JOKE.
    It is not fair for everyone.
    In Finland everyone can have the education what they want. Doesn’t matter how much money you or your parents have or do you know right people.
    Americans cant even tell where other countrys locate on the map.

  10. I guess this school didn’t bother with basic english. You sound illiterate, but hey congratulations to you.

  11. His English is good enough for business and international contacts. Even better than some native speakers from the U.S. I encountered online. You seem to struggle with it as well. English is written with a capital letter as it is a language.

  12. I know where Finland is. I stayed in Ristiina for 3 months. Nice place, nice people.

  13. The problem is not that the education is paid, most if not all countries that have state-funded education there are private school and tuition can be quite high. The real problem US is facing is that the education costs rose fourfold in relation to the wages within the last 40-50 years or so. Today, monthly tuition is often an equivalent of an average monthly salary. In 1970s or early 1980s it was an average weekly salary. This means that to pay for the studies, students had to either have a single parent willing to pay 25% of their income for 4-5 years, or to work a part-time or weekend job. Today, they need to have a parent that saves the full average income from 4-5 years or work an average full-time job.

    Likewise, if they took a loan for 5 years studies back in the day, paying it back by spending 10% of their income per month while earning a median salary (not much of a big deal, still less than income tax in many countries) they were able to pay it within 8 years. Today they require 41 years. And this is where the real problem lies.

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