Of Course, Foreigners Steal Jobs!

12 thoughts on “Of Course, Foreigners Steal Jobs!”

  1. So true

  2. I don’t get it.

  3. Or perhaps they can be paid below minimum wage with zero benefits…

  4. Only one new post today, and this is all we get? Yawwnnn . . .

  5. Or maybe the foreigner is turning everyone’s life shit by forcing people to lower their quality of life (less money/leisure time) in order to get a job. Not exactly the foreigner’s fault, as this is how capitalism works, and the same process – on a national level – is what drove him to work elsewhere.

  6. Their mere existence diminishes the negotiable salary even if one gets the job. I don’t get why liberal bullshit like this find general acceptance just by painting it with tolerance and humility.

  7. easy to talk down from a safe place – they dont speak your language … your safe …

  8. But it’s for the children. Think of the CHILDREN you heartless pigs – the favorite political pawns of the left.

  9. Who said anything about jobs, mang? I’m here for the Obama handouts

  10. I love it how everyone blames the person working… Yet the person hiring them is paying them less than minimum for them to keep more money in their pocket. It’s not about race or illegal is about MONEY!! You want 15 an hour and benefits, **** that… I know someone that will do it for barely minimum, no benefits, and no responsibility of the employee in the end.

  11. Corporations love illegal aliens. Their presence puts downward pressure on wages. Why do you think wages haven’t been going up? So, I don’t see why liberals are brought into the picture. This is conservative talking point. Conservatives love corporate America and their war against the middle class. Their only concern is: is it good for business and will it hurt business. Do. OSHA laws hurt businesses, let’s weaken them, or get rid of them altogether. Let’s face it, no matter what the voters say, “Corporate America” rules in the end. They have the money to buy influence in congress. That’s why elections should only be publicly funded.

  12. Which is precisely why it’s wrong. Instead of letting the national labour market work, short circuiting it by hiring immigrants and immorally underpaying for the country you’re in.

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