Thesaurus Dinosaur Joke: Oh Crap! It’s a Thesaurus!

Legend has it that in the ancient world, amidst the roaring of the jungle, the most feared creature was none other than the Thesaurus. This majestic dinosaur didn’t hunt with sharp teeth or powerful claws – its weapon was far more treacherous: synonyms!

Your retardation is disadvantageous. I propound you all vamoose with great importunity. Oh crap! It's a Thesaurus!

7 thoughts on “Thesaurus Dinosaur Joke: Oh Crap! It’s a Thesaurus!”

  1. I… uh… I think I’ve seen this here already not long ago. Twice, maybe?

  2. When you are as old as I am you know this meme is around since the dawn of time. Still funny though.

  3. Like 80% of the content here, it’s a rerun. The only fresh stuff is in the comments and those are so curated that it’s just propaganda. Makes you think..What is this site REALLY for..?

  4. Damn, we’ve been rumbled. Leg it lads!

  5. HAH

  6. Everything is propaganda if the idiot doesn’t agree with it. 🤪

  7. No curated comments at 9gag.
    It’s the Wild, Wild, West over there. They do curate the posts but not the comments.

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