Oh Crap! It’s a Thesaurus!


Your retardation is disadvantageous. I propound you all vamoose with great importunity.


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  1. Don’t be scared. If you find a word you don’t like or a word that’s problematic just change the meaning of it. For example recession, vaccine or woman. These and many, many words can just be changed to whatever fits your narrative.

  2. The staff at Trumps home refused to shut off surveillance cameras during the raid despite multiple threats. Videos of the FBI, I mean the Secret Police, playing with Melania Trumps underwear during the 9 hour raid is up on Reddit. Shows one of the Gestapo goons actually pocketing a pair. This is going sooo bad for the Left.

    • Truth sets you free August 11, 2022

      What a liar! You’ve had a good teacher with Trump.
      That man would deny his shit has no odour.

    • Anon posted this bullsh*t on another comments thread. Does he get paid to spread lies or does he do it for free?

    • FBI is right, not left. Too bad.

  3. Lies all lies! Oops.. More Trump raid videos on Reddit, Rumble and 4chan. If it’s not on CNN or MSNBC it never happened. Haha. When will they learn the main stream news is all lies and propaganda. My guess.. never.

    • Raid videos. Wow! … So? We all know it did happen. Happened for a good reason. They found stuff. Doesn’t look good for Trump. Good. Lock him up.

    • Maybe.. but the FBI is bought and paid for by the Left. Kind of like China owns Biden, Congress and the Senate. Trump maybe bad but they are all crooked.

    • “but the FBI is bought and paid for by the Left.”
      That’s not how a government works. They should revoke your right to vote. You are unfit.

    • Nope. The Left corrupted voting as well so why bother. Do you honestly believe Americans would elect Potato Head? Or that Canadians would elect Socks Trudeau?

    • One clown cries that he has won the elections, without a trace of a shred of evidence, and all sheepublicans believe him. So sad.

    • That guy and Melania’s slips and Trudeau’s socks. Weird fetish. Weird.

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