There’s a Monster Under My Bed, Can I Sleep In Your Room?

Kids are so selfish, all they think about is themselves. Why have two victims when you can have just one? Dad can have many more children in future to replace this whiny little crybaby.

Dad, there's a monster under my bed, can I sleep in your room? Look, it's you he's after, why make him my problem too?

34 thoughts on “There’s a Monster Under My Bed, Can I Sleep In Your Room?”

  1. The old saying, “Children should be seen, but not heard” is not being
    applied enough. Toughen up people or these spoiled SOB/s will spoil
    your life.

  2. Another oldie but a goodie

  3. I forced your mother to not to abort you. Now you are not my problem anymore.

  4. So the anti semite Left is a better choice… okay.

  5. I bet you are a bigger antisemite than any of the elected democratic representatives. It’s just you hate muslims more. There, I already won.

  6. Please people remember one of the rules for this forum, you must
    have an I.Q of at least 93. Too many idiots and morons are making
    nonsensical comments. Also those still living in mums basement,
    you have no idea what is happening out in the fresh air

  7. I agrie with lass comenter.
    Smartin up people.
    Making evry one look stupid.

  8. Does someone with an IQ of 93 or higher use punctuation? Yes, I bet they do.

  9. Biden’s Ukraine policy…

  10. Fuhrer Trump needs cannon fodder.

  11. Fuhrer Trump is being shot to pieces in courts.

  12. Reps will change the laws. Same was done for Putin in Russia.

  13. The Republicans changed the laws in Russia for Putin?

  14. That’s not what’s written there. Except you are dumb. Are you dumb? Yes you are.
    What’s the Republicans for the U.S. the Putin-party “United Russia” is for Russia.
    You understand now? Or do you need easier writing? Unfortunately I’m not trained in writing books for minors. Ask your parents.

  15. Id like writing that didn’t look like a dyslexic child with Parkinson’s slapped a keyboard if that’s alright!

  16. An estimated 300,000 Pro Palestine marchers paraded in DC a block from the White House. There were fires set, violence and attempts to storm the White House itself. I wonder how many Republicans were marching haha. I Wonder if the media will compare it to J6… oh man, of course not. What was I thinking..

  17. You pretend not to know the difference between a protest and a putsch?

  18. He does.

  19. Americans just love to protest because it makes them feel like good people without having to do a lot! I mean why study and involve yourself with politics to make the changes you want to see when you can grab a stick and some cardboard and yell at others to do it for you!

  20. So, being part of a coup d’état for a wannabe dictator against a democracy is a good thing?

  21. Does 100 rednecks vandalizing government property sound like a coup? Or did the media make it into a huge deal to attract attention?
    Was the government in any danger of being over thrown? No! Did the news profit heavily on its coverage of the event? Yes!
    Trump has made fox and cnn more money then the war in Afghanistan made Northrop!
    You may not be as dumb as a trump supporter but if you believe what CNN tells you then your close!

  22. Heavily armed rednecks and militia. Keeping more ammo and explosives nearby in trucks for supplies. Yes, that’s a coup. A stupid and failed one but a coup. So be grateful Americas enemies from within are so dumb.

  23. Heavily armed militia.. What’s a Redneck?.. ammo and explosives near by in trucks.. Man now that would have been a huge story. If it happened which it didn’t or the medias heads would have exploded. Biggest story in decades. You can’t just make stuff up. Oh wait, you’re on the Left. Lie away Bro. Meanwhile 100,000 + Pro Hamas supporters are rioting in DC, multiple attempts have been made to storm the White House. But ma insurrection.. You would have to be vaccinated to believe anything the Left says. Stuff rots your mind. Obviously.

  24. Announcement announcement annnnnnououcement,
    Trumps going to jail Trumps going to jail Trrrrumps going to jail,
    Announcement announcement annnnnnououcement.

  25. Trump is American….he was born in jail!

  26. Trump incited a mob to physically prevent a joint meeting of Congres from formalizing his election loss, as outgoing presidents typically do. And, yes, there were explosives found. You can deduct 800 million settlement from the money Trump made Fox, as they have admitted they had no proof of election fraud when they told their audience otherwise.

  27. Lock him up!

  28. You sound king of hysterical about things happening in other peoples countries. Things that don’t effect you because, News Flash.. YOU DONT LIVE THERE. Mind your own business.

  29. I wish your vote had no impact of my business…

  30. I can only vote in Canada.

  31. Better King of Hysteria than Emperor of the Schizophrenic Empire, I’d say. 🧐

  32. I wish other countries would worry about their own countries. Buy hey, you do you.

  33. Yeah, right the US worried about their own country when they invaded Iraq and Afghanistan, meddled in Central and South America, invaded Cuba, have bases all over the world in foreign countries.
    Good to see the US only worry about the US. Except your country is rich in oil or other resources.
    But if they wouldn’t the US would just be a sh*thole country of drug addicts, gun fetishists, slaves and a 1% elite.

  34. I agree with you completely.

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