The Real England

8 thoughts on “The Real England”

  1. Ignorance is it’s own reward

  2. In the US there is the US and the rest of the world.
    That’s why they call it America, while Canada and South/middle America are just appendixes to the REAL America – the land of the free…
    As long’s you’re shitloaded with money, and do not wheigh 400 pounds…
    **** (the worst word ever?)…

  3. As a Brit, this just looks ridiculously untrue.

  4. I am English and this is totally untrue pip pip!

  5. Do they have WalMarts in the UK too?

  6. I beg to differ. As a person who knows someone who knows someone who is a good friend of someone who saw a Doc Martin episode that this is true, and I am unanimous in that.

  7. This one is just stupid… not funny at all.

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