The Neverending Story

It never ends.

13 thoughts on “The Neverending Story”

  1. Ah the good ol’ college days of fishing through the hamper to find the least stinky pieces of cloths to wear again before laundry day.

  2. The Neverending Story as a kid: you can make the world into anything you believe

    The Neverending story as an adult: Communisim is the only way you retards

    Funny thing is both are equally true.

  3. It’s just a funny meme, DHTBLIIBID. You are either having a bad day or are cray, cray 24/7 but me thinks both.

  4. @former Marine your attempt to blackwhite the issue in a dismissively obtuse and snarky way says more about you than me friend.
    If you found this funny, reread the meme and insert the following for hours and hours of entertainment:
    putting gas in the car
    mowing the yard
    cooking dinner
    washing the dishes
    moping the floor
    picking up your dog’s shit
    washing your car
    buying groceries
    wiping your ass
    taking a piss
    *ad infinitum*

    PS: You’re no Marine….there are no former Marines living. Simper Fi you silly bundle of sticks.

  5. Cray cray…. ? 1990 called, they want their culture back.

  6. You uberretards don’t even know what communism is. For Americans it’s some bogeyman under the bed. They don’t know anything about it, they’ve never seen it, but they fear it and do any bulls… any “strong” leader tells them to do. Like sheep. They seek shelter at the wolf’s house in fear of the other wolf.
    Americans have a strong military and more gun than they can eat, but their minds are weak.

  7. @Anonymous the real reason American’s don’t know anything about Communism is because “real Communism” has never been tried. Nor should it be.

  8. Thank you IDHTBLIIBID for validating my theory about you being cray, cray 24/7 with that response. WTF does that meme have to do with communism? When we’re young we fantasize. When we’re older we don’t have that luxury. JFC. Stupid is as stupid does (Forrest Gump). Here’s my record: MCRD boot camp San Diego 1967,ITR Camp Pendleton, straight to Vietnam, wounded by anti-shrapnel booby trap while on patrol, sent to Cam Ranh Bay for 4 months to recuperate in a wheelchair then transferred to Corpus Christi, TX to recuperate stateside, Camp Lejeune for 6 month Meditterranean Cruise then spent my last 18 months at Kaneohe Marine Corps Air Station, Kaneohe, HI. What have you done for your country? I’ll wait….

  9. Lighten up Frances

  10. When we’re young we fantasize about Communism working. When we’re older we don’t have that luxury. #FIXED

    You might want to check out Tri-Care about your lingering mental issues from all the Agent Orange you’ve ingested. Tell me more about your time in ‘Nam. If I know marines, there is nothing they like more than bragging about wars they didn’t win.

    What have I done for my country? Well for one Private Pyle, putting your silly ass in check is certainly going on the list.

  11. Wasn’t bragging. Just told you what I did in the service many years ago when I didn’t know any better. Trolls are gonna troll (best examples: Trump’s tweets and his lying about everything that comes out of his ignorant mouth). DPE. I’ll let you go so I can get back to enjoying the stellar jokes on

  12. In all seriousness, I for one thank you for your service. The haters do not understand because they never served anyone but themselves.

  13. To former marine, no need to give your background to appease that individual.

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