The Desert Trilogy



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  1. I don’t get it…

  2. you forgot about the Mormons!

  3. Whats your point??! Is this just another way to disrespect the Jewish way of life??

  4. The Fall of Rome March 5, 2015

    Moral relativism and secular humanism are not suitable substitutes.

  5. Why is vol.II in English? What is “The Mohammed”? Why isn’t there a rosary on vol.II?

  6. Religion's a mental illness March 5, 2015

    Worst fiction ever!

  7. There is nothing quite as stupid as fighting over three different ways to worship the same God.

  8. SO, what are you trying to say?? The Tora is being shown and, is being disrespected, but why??
    WHY DOES EVERYONE need to make fun of the Jewish kind of life??

    • Oh stop it with the perpetual victim act. The world is tired of it.

    • Are you some kind of retarded or just ignorant? It obviously shows the tora, the bible and the koran! And no the post is harmless and funny and certainly NOT disrespectful.

  9. the first photo is upside down, and yes, I can read hebrew.

  10. wait for it…there it is, the butthurt atheist comment!, cuz they know everything!

  11. The real question is: Why isn’t the middle one in Aramaic, eh?

  12. return of the jew shold be not in english, but greek or coptic

  13. Doubting Thomas March 8, 2015

    Where in this is Scientology? Tom Cruse is gonna be pist.

  14. Very clever….the torascroll here is turned upside down, so nobody could read it;)

  15. the mosis was prophet of god,after him jesus was prophet of god but jewish denied him,after jesus mohammed is last prophet of god but jewish and Christians both are denying him.

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