Thank You, God!

Thank you, God!

39 thoughts on “Thank You, God!”

  1. Christ, another Atheist Edgelord

  2. Standard for this site.

  3. Religion makes people stupid. What did you expect?

  4. Every meme against religion means people are waking up. Freedom.

  5. Education is key – words passed down from one generation to another – broken down like a father to a son – that’s how education works

    Religion was that same very vessel of communication

    I guess the divinity is the human struggle to understand

    Let the weirdos buy their pastor a watch and call it devotion

  6. Are you saying Islam is just “words past down from one generation to another”? That’s extremely inappropriate and insulting to over a billion people.

  7. Sounds accurate. All religions are perverted fairy tales. I’m on his side.

  8. Right. What’s more irritating is that when you make the argument that it’s the DOCTORS and MEDICAL SCIENTISTS you should be thanking, theists say “Well, they are God’s instruments”… It’s so irrational and insulting to think these people are just some puppets without their own head or will. Everything that religion makes people believe is completely irrational.

  9. Just because there are more people in one group, compared to another, does not mean that they are more right.
    Technology and knowledge often develop quicker than our feelings. So with time we’ll find something else to fight over – like food, drought, pollution, politics or pronouns…
    No one has more or less right to be here on earth…. it’s a competition of sorts….can’t see how that’ll change any time soon.

  10. Because we’re to narcissistic to believe in anything and only worship ourselves everyone that isn’t like us is wrong headed, even though we can’t KNOW either way. Sounds about right for this site.

  11. It’s just your fear speaking here. Fear of being insignificant in the universe. It’s actually the theists that are the narcissists. You heighten yourself by claiming to be the creation of an all powerfull being.

  12. @ Anonymous: yes, that is EXACTLY what Islam is. It is just stories and culture passed down from one generation to another. Same as e.g. most religious food rules originated from health precautions that were dangerous or somehow necessary for the society (e.g. as not eating pig originated from the dangers of the swine fever for the people in the past).

    Proof me different

  13. Well,
    Religion had in the past some reason to it, by giving rules to the people for social behaviour and support to each other, as well as rules to protect the people’s health. It’s just that this tool was more and more abused by those people who claimed to be the most holy….

    Now tides have turned and more and more unreasonable people of lower educated background are following upon religion to give reason for their misbehaviour.

    Funnily, super-hero and comic culture, which is followed by many people of higher education, or “nerds” as the religious ones might call them, shows more of that: do good, help others, support each other, try to set a good example for society. So basically, comics and anime might be closer to the real foundations of religion, than religion itself these days.

  14. Don’t take the Lord’s name in vain, you f*cking pedophile.

  15. You’ll know when you die either way. Til then it’s a waste of time to discuss and your intolerance is just insulting people.

  16. Never discuss race, religion, politics, or granny’s recipes. Too many arguments
    Let us instead discuss the merits of a vegan diet.

  17. I honestly don’t think anyone gives a shite either way, sparky

  18. Religions generate unbelievable intolerance in people. That’s why it is so bad.

  19. Afraid to lose again?

  20. How can you win, or lose an argument about a supernatural being? Where do they find these people.

  21. Theists will always lose the argument. But they will always keep trying to convince you of their fantasy buddy. With deadly force if neccessary. That’s the sad joke behind it.

  22. I honestly don’t think anyone gives a shite either way, sparky

  23. I’m holding a miniature unicorn in my hand but only I can see it. Prove Im wrong. You can’t, that’s the point.

  24. But you don’t have a book in the other hand written by the unicorn.

  25. GOD Almighty allowed there to be doctors to help people. Hallelujah Christ Jesus of Nazareth.

  26. I allowed God to be there. … Now he’s gone. I killed him. With a single thought.

  27. Which god, the one that you worship or the one worshipped by your neighbour of the wrong faith?

  28. Pointless mental masterbation

  29. I ran out of arguments, so I decided to insult the unfaithfull and sulk.

  30. There is good christian love, everyone. Ready to insult, defame and to kill you.

  31. Prove that God doesn’t exist then. We’ll all listen to your empirical scientific evidence. And don’t just flip it around. There is no evidence that God does exist. That’s the point. It’s a ridiculous argument. What happened to all that Lefty tolerance we hear so much about. Leftist are the least tolerant people now. think as we think or Reeee!

  32. Leftists and atheists refuse to be oppressed. Such rude and intolerant people. Indeed.

  33. Oppressed. Your the majority! You run the News, Social media, politics everything. Yet that’s not enough, everyone has to agree with you. Everyone! You’re all just sad, intolerant fascists.

  34. CIA world fact book on world population: Atheists 2,32 %, non-religious 11,77 %, christians 33,32 % , muslims 21,01 %.
    Majority, eh? Who’s the fascist here, believer? Go back into your church and cry, lier.

  35. CIA facts. Hahaha. Propaganda fail.

  36. Now the CIA is leftist, too? You just make it up as you like, don’t you. Narrative fail.

  37. I don’t think you understand what the CIA does and what they have done all over the world. It’s not good. But it’s okay. If you don’t believe that the Left controls all the media and sets the global narrative fine. Makes no difference. This site has proven over and over that it’s anti Christian and anti American. And that’s their right. Denying that is just more lies. It’s why the bots attack if you protest the content. We forgive you.

  38. Anti-christian is good. It means someone is pro-American. Christians are keeping America in the past. Christian Iran is one your doorstep. If you vote conservative you are anti-American. 99% of the GOP are traitors.

  39. Beer is better than religion. No wars have been fought over beer that I know of… and very few people want to share their beer with you forcibly. Beer can be proven. And beer doesn’t care if you drink something else once in a while.

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