This Joke Is So Terrible, I Love It


Don't get it? Here's an explanation: when people with a French accent say the word shit they pronounce it in a way that it sounds like sheet.


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  1. Richard Rejmer February 18, 2021


  2. This is true. When working with French people, you find out that meetings regarding Excel reports can be very disturbing, especially if done early in the morning.

  3. Excel *IS* the sheet!

  4. Could somebody explain it to me, English is not my native l. (and I am not a French ;) ) please?

    • A sheet is a plain white bed cover which children sometimes throw over them selves when they pretend to be a ghost.
      Shit is a slang word for faeces, and if you say it with a French accent it sounds like sheet.

  5. Thanks for explanation :) .

  6. Plus french people are… well.. kind of stinky.

  7. Chanadler Bong February 20, 2021

    I like my sheet on the bed and I want a fork on the table!

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