Paying Taxes: If Government Was a Person

Don’t you just love that the government taxes your income, then taxes every purchase you make on that taxed income, then also tax your property annually? How about taxes on your car? Unless you go electric, then they tax a little less.

I'm so tired! I worked 60 hours last week. That's crazy! So where's my cut?

9 thoughts on “Paying Taxes: If Government Was a Person”

  1. Taxes for simpletons. Who do you think builds the streets so you are able to get to work and protects you from becoming one of Kim’s subjects? Rightard idiots.

  2. The more often you go to work the more often you leave the road to be repaired.
    “But I work from home, I don’t drive to work.”
    You dumb! The more you work from home, the more people needed in the data center, your company runs it’s cloud in. Even more people drive to work when you want to be unproductive at home. Pay even higher taxes, Amazon complainers!

  3. OMG NullificationAgent, your sixth grade comments are

  4. John not Jon could you please argument against Nullification’s thesis instead of pulling unsubstantiated insults or victim cards?

  5. What percentage of taxes do you think actually make it to real worthwhile projects, and what percentage of even that isn’t lost to graft and waste?

  6. Fascist what the government dismantled to it’s barely operational constitutional skeleton.

    That fascist?

  7. Most taxes in the U.S. go to the military. More than any other country. For what? Ukraine is kicking Russia’s butt with some guys on foot and drones dropping handgrenades.
    Invest in people, not weapons.

  8. Not Jon Not did you mean argue, or are you sticking with
    Your sixth grade error is blatant.

  9. Right now most of it seems to be going to buy the votes of 600K+ irresponsible dead-beat student loan debtors ahead of the next election. Wait until they find out the IRS considers debt forgivness to be taxable income, and will bill them accordingly.

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