Lumberjack Puns Are The Best Puns


Lumberjack pun.


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  1. This meme has acts of violence, comment of approval to the joy of the act of violence done by a white man with a black accomplice.

    This is an outrage and should be banned on all social media platforms.

  2. Jokes are racist. Sarcasm is racist. ALL white people are racist. Etc.. When that fat clown Trump wins remember it was all this BLM, burn down the country, defund the police, kill whitey BS that got him elected. Way to go asshats.

  3. RIP Eatliver August 5, 2020

    Lame puns for days. Is going down the drain? RIP.

    • Cogito sum August 5, 2020

      It certainly seems like it.
      I visited for funny posts and witty comments but no more of that.
      A shame and I hope they will return to quality content.
      Spamming crappy memes is no substitute for silence.

    • Neck Beard Hair Bun Guy August 5, 2020

      Yes yes we need to return to the intellectual roots of EatLiver, more 70’s rock band with bad do’s. Dude, your a genius, you can * my sister.

  4. @Neck Beard Hair Bun Gay August 5, 2020

    No need to be rude. Or is this your site? Or are you just one of them anti-maskers?

    • The Bobster August 5, 2020

      It’s a Russian bot working with the NAZI’s, Fascists, Meat Manufacturers, Police Unions and Breeders to overthrow our Marxist Utopia. We must resist to save our revelation and spread the glory of our Chazian way of life to the masses.

      Oh there is a reply link, you hit that to reply, it’s a cool feature.

  5. Keep trying libs. It ain’t working.

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