How To Properly Answer Police Questions


Seen anything unusual? A dolphin with a hat once. I mean around here. Nah they live in the water.


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  1. Concerned citizen December 3, 2021

    That cop needs a hair cut.

  2. Saw two muggings, an assault, several homeless guys pooping in front of starbucks, a pack of wild dogs, several junkies shooting up with a shared needle, a pimp beating some hos, a drive by shooting and a car jacking… so no, nothing out of the ordinary, officer.

    • That’s completely accurate in Democratic run cities, which is way people are fleeing those cities to Red States where that crap is not tolerated.

    • Anonymous March 2, 2022

      You totally nailed it !

  3. An orange ‘president’ with tiny hands.
    But it’s gone now.

  4. Centre right December 4, 2021

    A real American cop would NOT have shot her. She is white meathead.

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