How To Properly Answer Police Questions


Seen anything unusual? A dolphin with a hat once. I mean around here. Nah they live in the water.


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  1. Concerned citizen December 3, 2021

    That cop needs a hair cut.

  2. Saw two muggings, an assault, several homeless guys pooping in front of starbucks, a pack of wild dogs, several junkies shooting up with a shared needle, a pimp beating some hos, a drive by shooting and a car jacking… so no, nothing out of the ordinary, officer.

    • That’s completely accurate in Democratic run cities, which is way people are fleeing those cities to Red States where that crap is not tolerated.

  3. An orange ‘president’ with tiny hands.
    But it’s gone now.

  4. Centre right December 4, 2021

    A real American cop would NOT have shot her. She is white meathead.

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