Talking To Police: How To Do It The Right Way

When talking to police, answer only the question the officer is asking you – nothing more, nothing less. It also has the benefit of pissing him off, which is quite funny.

Seen anything unusual? A dolphin with a hat once. I mean around here. Nah they live in the water.

14 thoughts on “Talking To Police: How To Do It The Right Way”

  1. I saw somebody doing 70 on a bicycle.

  2. I witnessed a coyote licking his testicals.

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  6. This guy reads like an ad! Where is Jimmy Valmer when you need him!?

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  8. ‘I once heard a rich man speaking the truth’ -Shakespeare.

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  13. Sirloin tip steak is a poor quality cut of meat. Rib eye, tenderloin, even T bone is better. Sirloin should be used in ground beef. But you’re the man with 8ozs. Not.

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