Talk About Luck!

10 thoughts on “Talk About Luck!”

  1. That looks photoshopped…

  2. I remember that joke way back from the old dial up BBS systems in the 80’s before the internet. But first time I see it with THAT picture.

  3. Now that’s true love!

  4. I think he could do better. Now that he has got money, he should aim for someone not looking so cheap.

  5. and loses it a moth later when he insists on a marriage contract.

  6. ugh, typo.

  7. Play a game. Get comfortable with her. Then bring another hot girl around to your place. See how desperate she is for the dollars. See how many girls you can get to live in your house before they start murdering each other.

  8. Isn’t that what Hugh Hefner tried to do?

  9. I’m just waiting for EUro to show up and just ruin the post or make it 1000x better…

  10. But then LogiC does that as well… :3

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