T-Rex Trying and Failing


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  1. ReptileGeorgeBush November 6, 2014

    T-rex.. hair???
    Belly button???

  2. … this is getting old.

  3. Aim the phone up a little more, T-Rex. You have short arms, but just tilt the camera a little, dude!
    Was “Trying to control his jealousy” thrown in there to see if we were really reading it…???…that made no sense.
    Poor T-Rex

    • Exactly, what does controlling one’s jealousy even look like?

    • The flailing man-thing has the range of emotion T-rex wishes he had. He has to control his jealousy so he doesn’t snap and stomp the spastic little wind-thingie to death. T-rex in a jealous rage could be hazardous to your health.

  4. Ann Onimous November 7, 2014

    What about T. Rex trying to fend off the bigger, stronger Spinosaurus, the true king of the dinosaurs?

  5. yeah let them extinst!

  6. Right on Ann Onimous! All Hail King Spinosaurus!

  7. The Great Pumpkin November 23, 2014

    I assume wiping his butt was problematic, but not so much as it was for Edward Scissorhands.

  8. Wasn’t aware that Tyrannosaurs could grow facial hair or possess belly buttons.

  9. The jealousy thing is the T-Rex is jealous of the blown up dude because he has LONG arms!

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