14 thoughts on “Sweet Love”

  1. WTF

  2. Chocolate can sicken and even kill dogs, and it is one of the most common causes of canine poisoning, veterinarians tell WebMD

  3. Hey! What about us?

  4. Ha ha ha!!! Their arms don’t touch. Oh the bitter irony. Would have been so much funnier with a pair of t-rex though.

  5. Death by chocolate….my dream..

  6. Antifreeze is indeed quite poisonous and animals often find it and drink it. Don’t leave it where your pet can find it. Such as if you do your own car repair.

  7. lol.. did they misspell Hershey’s to avoid a lawsuit?

  8. Ohhh Sir Henry…
    I guess You’re a great comedian.
    Why don’t You make the Worlds best catoon ever..?

  9. Hershees is a cheap Chinese knockoff, it’s not made of chocolate. Sorry, over dramatic emodogs.

  10. I thought antifreeze was only poison when you drank about 100 liters of it in a day…maybe different to dogs as with chocolate?

  11. Thank you sir! I did not know the name of the ‘Hershee’ chockolate, if not you, I woundn’t get the joke. I am not from USA.

  12. yeah, it should be just ‘chockolate’, I did not know the brand either.

  13. Not cool at all!!

  14. As a doggylover…. I feel sad… :-(

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