Sure, I Like Cats…

5 thoughts on “Sure, I Like Cats…”

  1. aw, it’s like he’s saying something that will make cat lovers angry.

  2. judging by the belly I bet he could eat at least a dozen!

  3. The background suggests that he is at a Denny’s. I bet he’d rather eat a stack of pancakes or a Moons Over My Hammy than a cat.

  4. Sure you can! Think of a cat weighing 4kg. First, you have to skin it, so about 500g go away. Next, you’ll remove the head (~400grams), tail(~200grams), intestines, stomach, lungs, and other inedible organs (~1.2kg). So you’re down to a little over 1.5kg. I don’t think you like eating the bones either, so we’ll remove those too, leaving you with 5-600grams of good meat. That’s hardly a meal for a hungry fella such as yourself!

  5. Looks like he already did

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