Wiser Words Have Never Been Said


"Everyone's an atheist until they clog a toilet at someone else's house." - Sun Tzu


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  1. Anonymous May 14, 2021

    Now “The Fart of War” makes sense….💩💨

  2. So me clogging a toilet is proof of good?

    Don’t think that’s enough for me. That’s more of an “Oh Shi-t!” moment for me, not an “oh god, save me. ” If if god existed, pretty sure he/she would just let me suffer the consequences of my own bad food choices.

    • Rachel and June's High Quality Japanese Toilet Maker May 15, 2021

      If you are a good Wokian agnostic you would blame it on the host for having a defective toilet and high fat food.

  3. Anonymous May 15, 2021

    Sad that an agnostic feels such threat to their beliefs that they can’t just let a corny joke go… Agnostic is just someone too afraid to make a decision.

    • Atheist Freedom Fighter May 15, 2021

      True. Agnostics are cowards.

    • Personal Responsiblility Bob May 15, 2021

      Agnostic took responsibility for being a glutton. It’s a good first step whether your believe or not.

    • Afraid to make a decision? Nope. I made one. I choose not to make claims I cannot prove. When a riddle cannot be solved and an argument cannot be won, I chose not to waste my time.

      The religious have no proof of anything. It’s impossible to prove that any religion is correct. While the atheists could show that religions are full of contradictions and falsehoods, they can’t prove that there is no creator or life after death, so they don’t have proof of anything either.

      Too many wars have been fought over religion already, and they still keep going. I can still believe in the important things like the golden rule, so I don’t go around insulting people I haven’t met like Bob does. That doesn’t make him seem so responsible….

    • Agnostics are about common sense….a floating boat and pairs of animals, among other “stories” is absolute silliness.

  4. lmao, those of you saying the religions have no proof don’t know shit, you’re only talking bout abrahamic sh!ts.
    Come to hinduism. the proofs are enough for you to realise a lot.
    “proofs” isms
    i mean even the more than modern thoughts, sciences in our religion.
    infact for a long time it wasn’t eevn a religion,
    unfortunately due to colonialism the whole concept was made into a “religion” it is more like a way of LIFE.
    fr you all abrahamic lovers really missing out.
    just following one backward asf book
    while books like the bhagavad gita have predicted and proved so many things before “scientists” even have, by that i mean “modern scientists” to be honest though, why even call them scientists when all the work was done by us, lol call it bizarre but hinduism was is and will always be the most forward!

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