How to Suck at Facebook (Illustrated Guide)

I’m pretty sure you can recognize some of your Facebook friends here. Guide created by illustrator¬†Matthew Inman.

18 thoughts on “How to Suck at Facebook (Illustrated Guide)”

  1. Our police department has facebook. It’s got lots of pitchers of many of the folks around here. Some well known for making beverages. They even got me and Joe Bob’s pitchers in it. We got face forward and a side shots. I’m telling ya those pitcher don’t show our good side, but we proud cause it’s like family albums – sort of…

  2. Everyone sucks at Facebook.

  3. Facebook is evil. Zuckerberg is the devil.

  4. Word!

  5. pitchers? I think you’re looking for “pictures”.

  6. Why is Bill Pickleburg engaged to someone with the same surname?

  7. I thought MySpace went out of business.

  8. Cats > Pig Warlords > Poo-shaped Mountain Lions.

  9. @ BabyPuncher: As a close personal friend to Bubba and Joe Bob I would like to point out that these fine men are not ignorant, but not well educated either. I have tried to help with editing some of their submissions, but they don’t always ask for my help. Proud men, both. Also, there may be a certain amount of irony involved in the submissions. I hope this helps you understand their honest attempt to describe the human condition from their part of the world.

  10. Someone needs to invent something better than Facebook, like a cellphone or maybe a telephone.
    I hate Facebook….where can I get my bumpersticker.

  11. I have been to the future and brought back this “cellphone” technology with me. For five easy payments of $99.95 in will share the plans with you.

  12. Missing: The Share-this-photo-to-win-…

  13. @Dr. Ornithologist I hereby nominate you for CofD.

  14. Alabama?

  15. How to suck at Facebook in one easy step: BE ON FACEBOOK
    Once you’ve achieved that all other steps to sucking will come naturally.

  16. How to suck at facebook? Log in to facebook and that makes you suck.

  17. Nope.
    Bubba and Joe Bob don’t see no reason for to be addin’ one o’ them there unwanted ‘k’ sounds to the middle of ANY word.
    Pitchers is pitchers.

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