You Are The Stupid Little Creature Now

Fitbits are just like Tamagotchis, except the stupid little creature you have to keep alive is yourself.

11 thoughts on “You Are The Stupid Little Creature Now”

  1. Without liberals keeping everything running and in order conservatives couldn’t keep themselves alive. They would starve and freeze to death. And blame liberals for it.

  2. Without liberals we would all have more cash in our pockets. The liberals
    would have to resort to petty crime to survive not getting free cheques (Checks
    to my American friends) anymore.
    Welfare should only be given to single parents, the injured, the handicapped,
    and those suffering a mental disorder. These payments should be ample so
    the unfortunate among us live decently.

  3. Without Americans the comments section on this site wouldn’t be so f**king asinine.

  4. You know that this isn’t true. The conservatives spend money they don’t have. The liberals have to repair the budget. Look at debt statistics for US governments.

  5. Without the Americans on this site, you’d be hiding in the back of some cave and creeping out at night to scavenge the peanuts from Putin’s crudnuggets.

  6. Fact check Stormin’ Bumf**k. Firstly, I’m Canadian. When did the USA ever need to save my country from Putin? Secondly, when did the “Americans on this site” do anything for anyone? Get deprogrammed you dumbf**k.

  7. The only fighting this dude will do is for his welfare cheque to be on time
    each and every week. You embarrassed most other Canadians with your
    stupid remarks.
    Having the U.S.A as a neighbour keeps a fellow like Putin thinking twice
    about our sovereign stakes.
    The U.S.A has no desire to take over Canada, they know they’d be stuck
    with a loser like you!

  8. Ouch! So sorry to read you’re from Canada. Keep your chin up, maybe one day things will get better for you.

  9. American hybris, long history of hybris.

  10. The U.S. thought otherwise in 1812.

  11. LOL. Okay, Mr Butthurt Murican.

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