Obvious Signs That Humanity Is Regressing



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  1. Captain Obvious October 11, 2018

    I approve of this comic.

  2. Last picture: The Other language versions are even funnier.

  3. I just realized I’m multilingual because I read and understood the three cautions on the hot coffee cup. WOW, I’m rolling now!

    • Crotch Coffee October 11, 2018

      “L’area de oolala”? Fake!

      “Ze knakkers” sounds weird too. Properly ake!

      “Crotch area”? Fake! Doesn’t exist in real life. I’ve never seen a crotch.

    • German Machine Gun October 11, 2018

      Ze last one is no real language, nein.

  4. Fake. As fake as the “Beware. Dog guards here”-signs. Dogs don’t guard. They only eat, shit and do stupid things. Because they are stupid. And they also pee on everything.

    Cats > Dogs

    • Since you only have cats, you don’t know, that there are pets, that can be trained to do stuff.

  5. A whole bunch of signs for snowflake safe zones…..

    • Although it’s the rightards lawsuiting everyone. Easy money. Sometimes you get payed for being dumb af.

    • “Payed for being dumb”. Thanks for the confirmation……

  6. The sad part is, warnings like this are needed because people have brought lawsuits saying that the manufacturer should have warned them of such obvious dangers, and won. For example, the last one is surely inspired by the lawsuit against McDonalds by a woman who spilled coffee in her lap.

    • The plaintiff prevailed because McDonalds had previously been cited on multiple occasions for serving coffee above the legally allowable temperature in NYC. The need for such a law indicates that the Nixon-Reagan campaign to cut school funding and produce fewer protesters worked. Or maybe that was the elimination (for now) of the draft. The campaign also had the side benefit of producing a more gullible electorate (see “Cadet Bone Spurs, “Tangerine Traitor or Justice Rapey McRape Face”).

    • She also received very severe burns that required skin grafts.

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