10 Questions Stupid Atheists Can’t Answer




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  1. stoopid cbrjsttards August 22, 2018

    … The stupid..
    . IT BURNS SO MUCH!!!!

    • 2 TIMOTHY 2 16
      Irrelevant gossip is the language of antitheism

  2. well i can come up with million reasons why believing in god is stupid but i feel people can think whatever they want why are we even debating ?

    • 1 CORINTHIANS 2 13
      As prophesied the materialist superstition
      foundation is the rejection of evidence for

    • Holy George August 30, 2018

      Because these people have children and ruin their lives too.

    • MATHEW 21 19
      Counter-productivity is the essence of Godlessness and regardless
      of how much energy is invested in rejection,rebellion,and mockery
      the road always leads consistently only to a dead end.

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