10 Questions Stupid Atheists Can’t Answer




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  1. stoopid cbrjsttards August 22, 2018

    … The stupid..
    . IT BURNS SO MUCH!!!!

  2. well i can come up with million reasons why believing in god is stupid but i feel people can think whatever they want why are we even debating ?

    • 1 CORINTHIANS 2 13
      As prophesied the materialist superstition
      foundation is the rejection of evidence for

    • Holy George August 30, 2018

      Because these people have children and ruin their lives too.

    • MATHEW 21 19
      Counter-productivity is the essence of Godlessness and regardless
      of how much energy is invested in rejection,rebellion,and mockery
      the road always leads consistently only to a dead end.

    • I can think of “one” necessary reason to abstain from disbelief in a living GOD; “YOU” cannot turn-off the wondering mind ….. no human with “all” his given faculties can survive with a blank mind … you “have” to wonder first before you learn anything …. duh!

    • you cant just quote the bible and call it an argument

  3. If children came from adults, why are there still adults? Anyways, question number one right of the bat shows an extreme level of ingnorance concerning evolution. Humans did not evolve from monkeys, but instead evolved alonside modern monkeys, sharing a common ancestor at some point. On to number two, mountains form over extremely long periods of time, not simply forming just like that. I suggest you study plate tectonics if you see this as a valid argument. Number three, I dont believe it is implicated anywhere that cats are closely related to sharks to the point of that having existed. Cats most likely evolved from other mammals, and sharks from other fish. For number four, new life could come into existence under the right conditions, although it has likely never been observed beacause either A: those conditions have not been recreated ever since the early lifeforms came into existence on Earth, or they are microscopic and get eliminated by other lifeforms that have alreay evolved and are more capable. It’s called 2014 A.D. as opposed to just 2014 for a reasonyou know. Six: Extremely low, although I cannot say exactly what the odds are. Also, I highly doubt that dirt would have the correct materials in it to make an extremely primative lifeform, let alone a home sapiens. It’s just a coincidence, although it would actually be suspicious if the banana had specific imprints for fingers. The origin of the big bang is currently unknown. See number three for number nine, except with insects, other bugs, and non-shark fish. Finally, 10. Evolution happened in minute changes over time, so it wasn’t as if a human was one day born from a monkey. In evolution, there would be a creature among a species that was slightly different from the rest of that species, but similar enough to the rest to still breed with the rest (If I remember correctly, breeding can occur between two creatures who shared a common anscestor in the last two million years). That creature would then go on to pass the change onto its offspring if it survived to reproduce.
    As a final note, this is not actually and attack on atheists, but instead an attack on evolutionists, as atheism is simply the lack of belief in any higher power, not necessarily the belief in evolution and the big bang.

    • The futility of rejection of Design could not be conveyed more adequately
      with materialist claims since they cannot fit into a pattern meaningfully or
      congruently, like Plate tectonics which is truly an appropriate example of
      this principle whereby the impossible Subduction absurdity can only lead
      to a succession of conflicts, the antithesis of truth and violations
      of natural law

    • Materialism simply asserts that organisms are a soulless bag of chemicals
      as the outcome of mistakes, then this is substituted for the truth, inferring
      there is even some type of method involving billions of years for this
      unnatural process to occur

  4. These are stupid and ignorant.

  5. This is the biggest straw man arguent ever posted on the internet… ew

  6. Moses of Goshen December 7, 2018

    My ark of my covenant is beneath Stonehenge,
    1.2 meters (4 feet) underneath the Heel Stone.

  7. The only arguments that I see from the theists are that what the atheists are doing is wrong against gods plan. Well, guess what. We don’t believe in god. That’s the whole point behind us being called A – theists. We are anti-theistic.

    • Since there is no alternative to design neither can truth
      be a question of disbelief, and that is why materialism
      is a contradiction

    • It is ironic how antitheism attempts to identify with rationalism
      when the fact there is logic or any laws at all confirms design

  8. Syntax is a bitch ……. Energy is all there is history science and the stupidity of ego is the language of slavery you your parents there parents and on and on and on and on accepted as fact yet we know nothing in the eternity of perception we accept a base line of history that starts a mere 30,000 years ago and most of that is a guess anyhow here,s a fact were so stupid and greedy as a race we chase a thing called money in the belief it is the way to freedom ! that dosent exist meanwhile we kill the very thing that allows us to exist = the planet meanwhile the those we are worshiping are all fixated with moving to mars how crazy is that ? think im full of it ? hey theres a idiot with his daddys money pretending to be Nero who,s incapable of anything than constantly lying and appeasing his ego whos so stupid he thinks hes intellegent and you voted him into a position of power and trust !!! monkey see monkey do the human race is a VIRUS the purge has begun the cronovirus is the test that that follows will clear the decks think about the 20 century run by pychopaths think there all gone ? get off your smart phone monkey slaves it wont help you breath in the toxic soup we have created i welcome my death itll be a relief to not watch and see the stupidity daily that insults my perception

  9. Thank God for this amazing page. Jesus has finally enlightened us! Jesus bless you!

  10. Anonymous June 8, 2020

    Some clearly ignorant people created this page.

  11. Anonymous June 18, 2020

    bruh, we came from apes, APES!

  12. Rational Human Being July 5, 2020

    I like how every “Question That Stupid Atheist Cant Answer” here has been answered in the comments.

  13. Since religion cannot relate to the truth life is Intelligently Designed an
    ultra simplistic substitute is rendered wherefore complexity or diversity
    can be ignored thus humans are claimed to be just soulless things put
    together by mistake which are falsely considered as indistinguishable
    from apes

    • The Universe is devoid of consciousness or intelligence and creation is a meaningless undirected process whereby things made out of chemicals are the outcome of mistakes.

  14. The very reason why there is science or progress is because of ID yet
    ironically anti creationist theology prevails in disregard of the truth and
    what the facts reveal

  15. Anonymous July 27, 2020

    A plethora of ineffective methods often cited to detect non- existent
    phenomena remain consistently an invalid challenge while Genesis
    stands out as a source of unending wisdom and a beacon of light

  16. In direct competition using Creationism as the source yet opposing
    the truth brought forth the backward belief life is chemicals reacting
    by accident requiring deep time thus disregarding natural laws

  17. It is labeled a theory when there is no legitimate reason to question
    life is intelligently designed and then it was put into place universally
    attempting to uproot traditional values,create disorder, imposing
    horrific discordant extremist views

  18. I’m agnosticish (born Catholic, a very doubtful athiest, does some Christian & pagan stuff/traditions) & y’all need to stop being sensitive, some things humans just can’t prove & once we die then what we can’t come back to life. Some of the smartest scientists are Christian, some of the smartest scientists are athiest, some are even Muslim or agnostic.
    Really agnosticism is the only truth: we don’t know. What path you take is what you believe I mean everybody has doubts even if you deny it you’ve doubted at least once. You can live Christian, not believe, still pray even though it seems ridiculous & maybe go to heaven. It’s like doing something someone tells you to do, you don’t believe you think it’s stupid but you still do it. Or you can do other paths, but stop being sensitive, both sides, atheists can stop saying Christians are stupid or ignorant & Christians stop forcing their beliefs on others cuz ya think it’s true, atheists can say why they are atheists, Christians can tell atheists they can be saved but don’t attack each other were all human, God wouldn’t want that & if he doesn’t exist, I have no clue how you have morals

  19. I’m atheist, and I respect all religions (of the one’s that I know) And I think that you were… frustrated when you did this. I don’t know if you were raised to.. dislike us, but I can assure you that people are just people. I think that everyone just needs to respect different belief’s and opinions. LBGTQIA+, different races, different opinions, they’re all just labels. We’re all PEOPLE, and PEOPLE are PEOPLE, so… people.

    If you are infuriated when reading this, then feel free to express your opinion! Please don’t cause an argument though, I’d really appreciate it if you didn’t…

    Thank you. *bows*


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