I Hope You Don’t Leave…

We are stronger together!

16 thoughts on “I Hope You Don’t Leave…”

  1. I see Scotland I see Wales, but who’s the little black dude supposed to represent? Northern Ireland?

  2. The little blue fella voted to stay. The others don’t want to leave either.

    I suppose if some individuals would prefer to stay in the EU and believe in that union they have 26 choices available.

  3. Oh joy, more Brex-it, yawn… 😴

  4. We demand the lot of you get out of our native lands.

  5. Britannia

  6. 1. The UK has existed longer – the ties between the 4 nations are stronger and they are culturally closer from the beginning. Greek and Swedish? French and Hungarian? We are more distinct cultures and common rules can’t work for all.
    2. The British can vote to change the PM and government, if they don’t like it. No one can get rid of the European Commission and its Chairman.
    3. The EU meddles too much in too many aspects of our lives. “You MUST accept refugees!” Bug off! The real refugees are 1/10 of the migrants, and their place is close to the borders of their country. So they can go back when the war ends.

  7. NOOO! Please don’t send the Anglos-Saxons back to where they came from. We don’t want them back on the continent. You would never know what they would like to exit next.

  8. welcome to another edition of “spot the fallacy!”

  9. Let’s be honest…That referendum didn’t count anyway because there was no Brexit in the equation when it happened. The Brits got conned.

  10. By the English. As usual. Tradition.

  11. The cartoon pretty nailed it. Being an EU member ist voluntary. Being part of the UK was done by the sword.

  12. Eeeew, Saxons. What they left behind ist weird enough. :-)

  13. I think that’s Cornwall.

  14. Those who call themselves Saxons today in Germany actually aren’t Saxons at all! The remaining real Saxons in Germany live in parts of Lower Saxony and the north of Saxony-Anhalt… ;-) Those in Saxony are fake Saxons, but give the real Saxons a bad name.

  15. I know. I ignored it for the joke. And because they deserve it. ;-) Dresden is cool, though.

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