Strange and Stupid Stock Photos

Mature Couple Eating Ice Cream and Baked Beans Shower

Woman Enjoying Some Goo and Christmas Home Invasion Robbery

Salami-Man and Pencil Eater

Suicidal Chubby Ballerina and Thanksgiving Turkey Pooping Stuffing

Minotaur and Christmas Present for Ladies

Shirtless Old Dudes Fighting and Lady Enjoying Some Candy

Sniper Jesus and Kid Smelling a Cactus

Semi-Retarded Guitar Player and Drug Addict Santa

Foot Phone and Sunbathing Wrestler

Cows Using Pogo-Sticks and Man With Two Heads

Obese Easter Bunny and Dog Blowing a Bubble

Woman With Two Heads and Post-Apocalyptic Kitchen

Two Dads and Mice Beard

Electric Carrot and Happy Guy Cutting Off His Nose

Messy Chocolate Eater and Mother of the Year

6 thoughts on “Strange and Stupid Stock Photos”

  1. There’s that Cracked article covered.

  2. Prepared for everything not even imaginable but possible.

  3. This is funny

  4. What can be imagines, can be searched for, and then can be forgotten with the aid of whiskey.

  5. Baked beans are no laughing matter. Some people have no other means of showering…it’s not humorous.

  6. I’m pretty sure the other shirtless old dude fighting is Erik Griffins dad.

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