I Miss My Dad…

I miss my dad...

8 thoughts on “I Miss My Dad…”

  1. Aren’t the troopers fatherless clones?

  2. And again posts got deleted, yet it contained no racist slur or profanity.

    “All comments are welcome as long as they don’t contain racist slurs, hate speech or excessive cursing”


    Makes you wonder what else you are being ‘protected’ from?

  3. From you?

  4. Dude, Landlord is marketing to Facebook. Facebook terms and conditions supersede this site. Content cannot be offensive in LA, NYC, SF or Beijing. You have to read between the lines. You are so 5 minutes ago.

  5. @Has employees blow dry his arm pits
    Dude, the deleted comment just pointed out a typo in the original post (everyhting)
    Text got changed and comment subsequently deleted.
    Nothing to do with Facebook terms and conditions, only ego.

  6. People with less personality often show the most ego.

  7. You wanted them to leave your comment online so you would look like an idiot pointing out a typo that has been fixed?

  8. It wasn’t his comment. Some other dude posted this and it got deleted.
    He’s complaining about the arbitrary deleting of posts.

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