Another Sample, Doc?

Another sample, doc?

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  1. I prefer chairs…

  2. “For every critter, for every species, the food we don’t use turns to feces…” 💩💩💩

  3. Hey Europe! Do you see all the people fleeing Paris? A second beheading and likely more to come. Are you starting to SEE your future? You people worry about the American election while your countries slowly fall to the islamic colonizers before your own eyes. And you do nothing. Breeding always shows. Oh and its looking real good for Trump. Real good. Imagine Trump in his second term with nothing to lose. America is coming back Baby!

  4. No one is fleeing Paris. The French can handle that. They are not as hysteric like Americans.
    Everyone is worrying about your elections because your nutjob of a president has access to nukes. And he has killed more people so far than islamic terrorists in Paris. His own people. Not by beheading, but by incompetence and covit.

  5. “America is coming back Baby!”
    I imagine Tom shouting this at us – us sitting on a safe island – while his boat – already tilting – is falling down a deadly waterfall.
    America doesn’t need terrorists. They wipe themselves out. Civil war is coming. It will be good for them. Teach them some modesty. Looking forward for more bodies in U.S. city streets – apart from the corona corpses. The happy sight of crying babies in the dead arms of they blood covered moms. Children gangs killing the elderly for a piece of dry toast. Soldiers shooting at hungry rioters – mowing down man, woman and child while fat Trump and his family dine in the White House. Though is has become hell since he lost/won the election. America is coming back, baby. Showing it’s unmasked face of a broken society.

  6. Wow. Thats dark. It’s complete lunacy of course, but dark. Normandy should have taught you. Americans don’t fear death like you wimps. Thats why stuff like that doesn’t happen here. Not when we sent your stinky asses back to your damp meaningless little island. Not in WWI or WWII or at anytime in our history. Your being conquered. Demographics. Woops.

  7. If you don’t fear death you don’t care for survival.
    “Thats why stuff like that doesn’t happen here.” Would be a good entry in the history books under section “Famous last words.” We’ll see.
    You obviously don’t know much about demographics.

  8. I know Europes demographics as do you. 20 years from now who will be the majority? Here’s a hint.. women in garbage bags.. 6 year olds getting married.. Lots of heads laying around and gays falling from tall buildings. Try to make a guess now…

  9. Trump militia is already attacking Biden campaign vehicles on the highway. Civil war is upon you.

  10. Demographics smokescreen. I approve.

  11. Soon the White House will be blackened by fire. Trump will set it on fire himself rather than giving it to the democrats. He’s the Nero of our times.

  12. Just stop it. BLM (burn loot murder) and antifa are leftist. Their the only ones committing violence. You think if you just say something that its true. The BBC reported the French exodus. Its true no matter what you say. There isn’t going to be a civil war here. Haha. Please. The Leftist coastal elites aren’t even allowed to own guns and never serve in the military. Guess which side owes over 400 million guns and over a billion rounds of ammo? Guess which side has millions of well trained veterans all armed to the teeth? It isn’t the leftist. See you live in a country controlled by your Government because your gunless slaves. We live in a country controlled by the people. Our Government fears us. And they should. Look at Australia and New Zealand. The minute they disarmed the people tyranny began. That won’t happen here. Can’t happen here. Trump will win not because we like him or because he’s the best person for the job. Trump will win because the Leftist have lost their minds and they hate America and want socialism so Trump wins. Western Civilization wins. Get used to it. Theres a lot of winning ahead.

  13. Those rioters have nothing to do with political BLM and democrats. Most of those people just want to riot. They would do it for Trump too. Don’t believe all narrative FOX is feeding you. FOX owner Murdoch has his own agenda.
    If people are leaving Paris it’s because the cities are becoming to expensive to live in. Housing costs have exploded. And many jobs don’t require constant presence in the office. Home office is becoming a thing. And as France, in contrast to the US, has a working national and local transport system it is easy to get into the city without a car. So living outside the city in the countryside outside the big cities is becoming a thing too. In many countries.
    You don’t even know what socialism is. Do you really think AMERICAN democrats would establish a socialist government? Then you are a m0r0n and don’t know your own country. All you would get are social reforms that would make the US less of a sh|thole country. Ask Eastern Europeans about socialism. They know what it really means.
    When I look at your post it looks like the democrats are being threatend by right wing nuts worshipping Trump. That’s not democracy, that’s fascism. And you are bragging about it. Just saying.
    We are not slaves because we elect our government in real elections. Not that American “winner-takes-it-all”-majority-vote-nonsense where your vote counts nothing due to gerrymandering fraud and that venal electoral college. That old anglo-system is outdated. Duverger’s law is strong with you. We have more parties – not that 2-party dictatorship. Politicians, parties and even governments have to compromise with the opposition to get things done. If they do it wrong, next election will bring the bill. Proportional representation is king and could bring your country new impulses and progress. Because you are basicly stuck in the late 60’s. Society and country.
    Many people thought civil war could not happen in their countries yet it did. And as you stated yourself. Your people have the optimal arsenal for that.
    And what are you talking about New Zealand and Australia? They are among the most happy countries worldwide (Place 8 and 12). USA is just 18. Several Kiwi and Australian cities are among the most happiest.
    If Trump wins China wins. They want to destroy western civilisation. They call themselves communists but be honest. It’s more like a monarchy like North-Korea. And Trump is doing the job for them. He doesn’t care about the American people or the country. All he understands is his ego and stealing tax payer money. Under his 4 year regime the US lost its leadership role among the nations. The country is not a role model anymore. He destroyed your reputation. The US are no longer considered a reliable partner on the international floor. You are still considered a super power, of course, but without honor and reliability.
    I rest my case and watch it burn.

  14. I read about this. Political expert doubt the U.S. will be able to become a leader again. No matter who wins. Reputation destroyed.

  15. Are those veterans the same whose fallen buddies Trump called “losers” and “suckers”?

  16. It’s like listening to the media here in the US. All talking points. No facts. Say Orange Man Bad long enough it will become truth in a morons mind perhaps, but it’s all half truths and out right lies. Nobody is looting, rioting, burning 🔥, and murdering for Trump. Anyone who spends 10 min online knows that. Biden is a corrupt mindless old fool who is losing this election. Your lies and BS just shows you desperation for your own narrative to be true. But it’s not. . No one cares what you soggy smelly meaningless people think. What possible effect does England even have on the globe? Do tell. Spin me another fable Aesop.

  17. Your fathers, and grandfathers were very likely to have been a part on Antifa, but back then it was called the US Army, and Marines. In fact the in-up boy for Antifa was not only American but became President (Eisenhower for those bad at history).
    So those right wing nutjobs supporting Trump and decying Antifa, are in fact traitors dancing on the graves of those that fought fascists like Trump and his ilk.

  18. Doo or doo not, there is no try…

  19. Uhm, I’m not English. What makes you think that? But it’s nice how you showed those British your polite respect.

  20. True.

  21. No one respects Euro Trash. Useless eaters the lot of ya.

  22. The looting on the streets is peanuts compared to the looting of the coffers by Trump. He needs your money to pay of his debts.

  23. @Tom “It’s like listening to the media here in the US.” That’s because everybody knows Trump is the biggest liar that ever walked the earth.

  24. Thank you, you too. How’s the abyss?

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