What Hackers Actually Look Like (According to Stock Photo Sites)



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  1. That’s me in one of those pictures. Big prize to one who picks me out.

  2. superintendent of montgomery county schools January 30, 2015

    I only see white people, and Asians.

  3. All wrong. Hackers look more russian actually. As russians do not like honest work, they just steal what they need. Money, cars, countries. It’s their proud heritage of the plundering hordes from the steppe in the east that terrorized europe for centuries. Instead on horseback they come in planes and tanks these days.

    • Actually true. Have heard a lot of the botnet activity is in Russia. If you go to Russia take it for granted every electronic device you have is going to be hacked. I guess you’d call them “electronic mafia”?

    • Generalizing any nation’s population character and behavior can be done only by a retarded individual.

    • True. Except for russia. Stalin and the communist party made the population quite homogenous. I wonder if that’s the reason for their homophobia. Hm…

    • My friend is russian, and one of the hardest working people I know.

  4. If you hack someone else’s laptop you better wear a ski mask. Those webcams are pesky little buggers…

  5. I like the guy in #6 who is pulling one dollar bills out of the computer. I can “hack” my couch cushion and do better than that.

  6. PatronasKitty7 September 23, 2015

    Omg sure it’s people in ski masks and black jackets and not some middle – aged man sitting in a dark room with pjs on

  7. Noticed something:

    The only one that might be a woman is the one in the orange outfit with her finger over her mouth.

    Stock photo people probably too busy having all the young women facepalming or on their phones, or totally freaking out.

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