Too Soon?

16 thoughts on “Too Soon?”

  1. Mankind’s IQ is now in the 1 digit zone. From this day on Earth will be known as Planet Moron. And we, who live on the surface of this stupid world, are the Morons.

  2. What did Mormons ever do to you?

  3. Yes, unfortunately I have encountered far too many neck-beards and MRAs with similar delusions throughout the course of my life.

  4. Is that you God?

  5. I’m a moron

  6. Hey, idiots! The dullard who has now hijacked my placeholder name continues to offer up opinions that are antithetical to my own. Cats have replaced men in my life.

  7. Now you’re copying an entire post along with my name? I 90% pity you, 10% am irritated by you. I know that you wish to irritate, so congrats on that marginal bit of success, but are you cool with being pitied?

  8. I know that you idiot(s) are trying to drive me away, and I debated on leaving because, oh lawd, you idiot(s) are so tiresome, but no. I’m not going. I’m going to add one word from a particular poem to my name until someone figures out which one it is, and then I’m switching poems. That’s how we’ll all know it’s the real me.

  9. A bad joke. First of all: that photo doesn’t fit the joke at all. He looked like he did, due to illness, not laziness.

  10. lol omg all in one kblamo

  11. Not a D&D player, are we?

  12. If a moron can become president then I can become God.

  13. Did you know Stephen is going to hell? Apparently, there was a stairway to heaven…

  14. You very well may be pushing his wheel chair so he doesn’t get lost along the way. Your comment is cold heartted and too soon.

  15. Thanks, I didn’t know she is a Pastafarian.

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