How Rare Would You Like Your Steak, Sir?



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  1. He got no steak that day.

  2. Such provocation.

  3. Knock off the horns, wipe its ass, and put it on the table.

  4. At least this one makes up for the “we’re vegans, what do you recommend? GTFO” meme! :o

  5. Personally I prefer a steak that is rarer than an MRA that isn’t triggered by everything.

    • Actually there are a few men’s rights issues, like when it comes to divorce and custody matters, so personally, even being a notorious SJW and traitor of the male cause, I’d use MGTOW as condescending expression for male cry-babies who think they got it soo bad when their male privileges are questioned.

    • Let’s face it. In relation to women rights issues our few men rights issues are a joke.

    • Tell that to a man living in a crap, cheap condo after losing house, car, kids and half of all future earnings due to a non faulty divorce. While the ex wife doesn’t even bother to work anymore.

    • Maybe he should tell it to all the deadbeat dads instead.

    • @Hein We know the sad story of your life. Let’s pretend it’s a friend of a friend who knows that guy who had this colleague. But I guess he did something wrong. Rightist religion tells us he got what he deserves. God is on the side of winners not such losers. If he isn’t rich anymore it’s not his wife’s fault but his own. So sad. God bless you and all your cockroaches.

    • I don’t know why you sad sacks blame the deadbeat dads when you are the ones too stupid to do your due diligence when picking a lawyer.

    • It’s not a question of picking a lawyer. Women will have priority to get all that stuff, including half of future gains, and they’re not obligated to look for a job either. That’s just how the law is and nobody does anything about because it would be misogyny to enforce a fair approach.

      @Dat not me but it could be. Most states don’t care about whose fault it is, they just have a bias to solve in favor of the women.

    • So you blame women for the crappy laws made by men in your states.

    • Hein, if men ask for sole custody, they are more often than not given sole custody. The fact is, most men don’t want custody, and a lot of them don’t wish to pay to support their kids either. I will say that I am opposed to alimony if both partners are working (men get alimony too, you know), but if arrangements were made while the marriage was intact that one partner would stay home to take care of the house and kids, then too bad, alimony it is until the unemployed partner can reestablish a career of some sort.

  6. So the waitress brought a cow alive?

    • No, she brought a steak that was gray all the way through. The way you like it.

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