Things That Correlate With Each Other Really Well


8 thoughts on “Things That Correlate With Each Other Really Well”

  1. Remember when we used to laugh at jokes like these? No? Me neither.

  2. Maybe some people saw National Treasure and went running out of their house and fell into their pool and thought; “Hey, this is better than the possibility of there being a sequel.”

  3. Yeah, we’re all laughing. But there really might be a correlation between eating cheese and getting strangled by your bed sheet.

  4. Wow eating margarine leads to divorce in Maine! Margarine promotes infidelity!

  5. I laughed so hard

  6. Eat less chicken! That way it won’t cost as much to drive to the steakhouse.

  7. Today’s FOX NEWS headline: ” ‘Alternative’ Butter Liberally Spreads its Anti-Marriage Agenda”

  8. I do.

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