Proof that The Death Star Attack was an Inside Job




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  1. The Lone Wonderer November 16, 2014

    When conspiracy theorists run out of subjects to conspire about in real life…

  2. Conspiracy Theorist November 16, 2014

    This is awesome.

  3. Yes, by all means, let’s pretend some sort of weak analogy between a fictional tale and real life mass murder by terrorists. And in the process, let’s downplay and laugh at the very real horror that islamist terror groups represent. I guess I missed the scene where Luke Skywalker beheads a defenseless Coruscant journalist with his lightsaber on live video feed.. or the one when Princess Leia is stoned to death after Han Solo kisses her in public, or the part where Chewie kidnaps hundreds of imperial schoolgirls and sells them into sex slavery to rebel troopers. Yeah, must have missed those parts..

    • Wow… lighten up, dude…

    • It was a sarcastic comedy piece you idiot. Can’t you just take it for what it is without preaching all of your bullshit?

    • If we’re not allowed to make jokes about terrorists, then the terrorists have succeeded in depriving us of one of our freedoms.

    • But you have do admit that he nailed it.

    • Ok… Redneck much ??
      Mr Hard head… I mean Hard Truth

    • Are you saying Sith Lords are less evil than Muslim clerics?

    • Bro, I dig what you’re saying, but not everything needs to get the thousand yard stare… gotta be able to separate the silly from the serious, yknow? Otherwise you just walk around with a headache for the rest of your life. Not worth it.

    • Princess Leia was stoned all right, but they got her to the ER just in time… but she was court ordered to do rehab and 400 hours of community service. I guess you did miss that part, see/read: “Postcards From The Edge”

    • Calypso Lewis November 20, 2014

      All I see is bad white people, and a man in black mask but he’s white too. Even the space aliens are white.
      Lando Calrissian is righteous, I always knew that.

  4. Too convincing :()

  5. This is exactly how dumb 911 inside job people sound.

  6. Rosie O'Donut November 16, 2014

    First time EVER that fire melted steel !!! Ignore what those lying blacksmiths say.

    • So tell me, how do we melt steel at all? Heard about the Iron Age? They had pretty much just fire and a hammer to work with so yeah, 9/11 a milestone in metal and physics !

  7. Now, if we can only keep those Ewoks from crossing our southern border.

  8. hey, I'm new here and this may sound crazy November 17, 2014

    What! There are still american who believe 9/11 was al-qaeda doing?

  9. Mike in Cornwall November 18, 2014

    Wow. There are people taking this seriously.
    WAKE UP – Star Wars is a film. IT IS NOT REAL! ffs

  10. I’ve been a “Death Star Truther” myself since I first saw this in summer of ’77. It’s so obvious.
    Lucas has been covering it up with the distractions of the subsequent films.

  11. It was the Jawas I tell you, the Jawas! They’re creating a demand for all of their scrap and junk. If you don’t beleive me, just ask C3PO.

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