Meanwhile On Star Trek…


"Captain, the Borg have just attacked a Federation colony! What should we do?"


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  1. Captain Caveman February 16, 2020

    More like… “Send our deepest apologies for whatever we must have done that offended them, and forced them to attack us, despite their gentle nature. Send them an offer of money and medical supplies, in case any of them were hurt or their equipment was damaged, while killing our people. And make it known we will absolutely not tolerate Borg-phobic sentiment on this ship.”

    • No, it’s an accurate depiction of conservative pretense of sympathy.
      Not only “american conservatives”. Conservatives worldwide. A holy bunch of hypocrits.

    • failed attempt by Captain Caveman to capture the ship

  2. Morning for the losses of their dearly departed February 16, 2020

    I sent my thoughts and prayers to Media Matters, The Party(D) and the few remaining MSM outlets that still have comment sections over the death of Qasem Soleimani.

  3. Seven of Nine is back.

  4. Don’t forget to click “like” / thumbs-up to show those dead colonists your support!

  5. Thoughts and prayers works for everything!

    I mean, nothing actually happens, but we get to feel so much better and we can forget that anything bad happened. It’s so much better than taking any kind of action. That would take effort. We can’t even talk about taking any real action either….because….. ummm…..

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