Thoughts And Prayers, Star Trek Edition


Captain, the Borg have just attacked a Federation colony! Send our thoughts and prayers. And update the ship's profile picture with colony's flag.


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  1. Capt. Drumpf (U.S.S. Orange) May 1, 2022

    Federation first! I told everyone we need that 200 feet high space wall against the Borg. Let them ask nicely for our help. And let them praise my stable genius.
    And tell the neighbouring Ukraynions if they want our help against the Borg they have to find or make up some stuff against Captain Bidet’s son to smear his name. Because I want to be named the next Fleet Admiral.

    • Anonymous May 1, 2022

      Boys mind in a man’s body

    • The Gaetzturbator May 1, 2022

      Enough about you, Anonymous, and your tiresome whingeing on your profound emotional disturbances! Capt. Drumpf is just dreamy, and man enough for the both of you.

    • Anonymous May 2, 2022

      Capt. Drumpf belongs to Rura Pente.

    • Choose Civility May 2, 2022

      I am seeing more and more closing greetings on comments and even inter personal emails with FJB, like it means Sincerely yours, or Thanks, or something like that. I believe the newly formed Ministry of Truth under the Department of Homeland Security needs to look into this.

    • Anonymous May 2, 2022

      What Drumpf and his minions fear the most: The truth.

  2. Anonymous May 2, 2022

    Send them some blankets and a few crates of Hunters paintings.

  3. Stand with mainstream May 2, 2022

    Stand with colony, it makes a big difference… and stuff

  4. Picard Enterprise-D is no match for a Borg Cube. Hail, a single Cube laid waste a fleet of 39 Federation ships at Wolf 359. At the Battle of Sector 001, even the ship especially designed to combat the Borg (the Defiant-class) got pummelled and would have been destroyed. Even with regenerative shields, ablative armor, upgraded “hero” stats proved worthless against the Borg. Only plot shielding kept it from being destroyed.

    Picard ain’t gonna sacrifice the lives of over 1000 crew members just to satisfy some sense of moral superiorty.

    • Capt. Drumpf (U.S.S. Orange) May 2, 2022

      If the U.S.S. Orange had been in sector 001 at that time I would have led the fleet to a triumphant victory. Because I have the best tactics. The Romulan Emperor praises me for my battle tactics.

    • Anonymous May 8, 2022

      Three people actually read this whole comment? I checked out after the first sentence.

  5. Anonymous May 2, 2022

    What a bunch of geeks and nerds. Scary!!


  7. Anonymous May 8, 2022

    Three people actually read this entire comment?

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